As you know, or hopefully know…today is Mother’s Day…so as I set out to write a blog, I wanted to keep that in mind and possibly make it the theme…but I quickly realized of all the character types we have witnessed in our video games…from the quiet unassuming reluctant hero, like Lester Knight Chaykin from Out of this World... the amazing and powerful superhero like Kratos from God of War, the “mother” figure as the hero (or even as a secondary character) isn’t one that is often incorporated into the game. Sure, there are there are plenty of females as important characters and even main characters – including Alyx Vance, Lara Croft, Samus Aran, and Jill Valentine. To my knowledge, none of these women were mothers though.


So…are there any mothers in the world of video games worth mentioning…let’s see...and for the record, I’m not talking about video games that moms might enjoy playing like Farmville or the Sims, I’m talking video games that have characters who play a significant role in the game that are mothers. The only one that comes to mind is Cortana from Halo…she was kind of a motherly figure to the Master Chief, though she didn’t look near old enough to be his mother.


This may be tough. I can’t think of any off the top of my head, so I am going to have to do a little searching. Well, that’s not entirely true…I do remember in Dante’s Inferno, Dante’s mom makes an appearance. For part of the game, you think she died from a sickness like the plague or something…but they reveal in a cut scene what really happened to her…it wasn’t pretty.


So, let’s see what we can find…


Ah…well look at this…


Mother, sometimes referred to as "EarthBound Zero", is a console role-playing game (RPG) developed by Ape, Inc., Pax Softnica and Nintendo Tokyo R&D Products and published by Nintendo for the Family Computer (Famicom) video game console. It was designed and directed by Shigesato Itoi and produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, with music by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka. It is the first game in the Mother video game series (otherwise known as the EarthBound series), and was never released outside of Japan. In 2003, the game was re-released in a compilation with its sequel as Mother 1+2. The game's taglines are "No crying until the end" and "Guaranteed masterpiece".


Mother begins by telling the story of a young married couple from rural America who mysteriously vanished after a dark shadow covered their small country town. Two years later, the husband, George, returned as mysteriously as he vanished, and began a strange study in complete seclusion. His wife, Maria, was never heard from again.


Well…that doesn’t quite seem like what I had in mind…so let’s dig around some more…


Hmm…apparently there are quite a few mothers mentioned in the Dead or Alive series.


There's Maria, Helena's mother and one of Douglas' mistresses. Maria was assassinated by Christie during an opera although the intended target was Helena. In DOA2 Helena mistook Ayane for the murderer.


Then of course there's Alicia. Bass Armstrong's wife and Tina's mother. She died of a disease when Tina was six, forcing Bass to take care of her by himself. In one of Bass' cut scenes, when Tina is thanking people to her interviewers, she thanks Alicia.


It sounds an awful lot like a daytime soap opera to me. Let’s see if there are any other mothers worthy of mentioning…


Well…here is an interesting mother connection that I don’t recall from playing the game.


Link has several family members, including an uncle in A Link to the Past; an unseen mother in Ocarina of Time, who dies fleeing a war when Link is a baby; a grandmother, who raises him, and a sister, Aryll, in The Wind Waker; and a grandfather in The Minish Cap. He has a utilitarian relationship with Midna from Twilight Princess, though the two grow to become friends as time goes on. His mother and father appear as spirits in the official manga.


Ah…another one that almost slipped by that I didn’t remember…


Mass Effect.


You may recall in Mass Effect the character Liara T'Soni.


A 106-year-old asari companion who has a passion for studying and working with Prothean technology, Dr. Liara T'Soni is an expert in the field of Prothean archaeology, specifically evidence concerning the Protheans' demise. She is, in fact, found in a Prothean ruin, trapped in a kinetic bubble prison. Liara is a possible romance interest for both male and female Shepards. The asari have only one gender, and can reproduce with any gender or species. Liara's class is unique to her as an Asari Scientist, skilled mainly in biotics, but unable to build skills in weapons and tech abilities. Unlike the human equivalent Adept, however, Liara can learn "Electronic" skills.


Well...Liara's mother is Matriarch Benezia.


An asari matriarch who is in league with Saren. She is also the mother of Liara T'Soni. During the course of conversation, Liara speculates that Benezia was ashamed of mating with another Asari, but is not entirely certain if that was the case. She is enslaved by Sovereign into finding the location of the Mu Mass Relay. She is killed by the player after revealing this fact and (if Liara is present in the shore party) making peace with her daughter. She is a master of Biotics.


So…apparently there are some mothers in our video games worth mentioning…


What about you…any games you can think of where a “mother” plays an important role…or even more challenging…the “mother” is the primary character.


For all the mothers out there…Happy Mother’s Day. Your hard work and efforts are appreciated. And if you’re reading this and forgot to tell your mom Happy Mother’s Day…you better do it now…!