I’ve been out of town on a business trip since Sunday and tonight of all nights I’m having a bit of writers block. Argh. I miss my family of course…and not having video games to unwind and de-stress is also taking a toll. I get a message from my daughter on Facebook that reassures me she misses me, loves me…and oh by the way…the Halo Reach Beta is awesome and she can’t wait to show it to me.

Gee thanks.

She meant well though, heh heh.

So, it’s times like these that you have to just make do with the tools you have and find something to entertain yourself. I have a fairly new and somewhat robust laptop…but after playing the kind of games I’m used to on Xbox 360 or on my PC gaming rig…playing anything on my laptop is a bit tedious. Sure Peggle is okay I guess…but even that gets old.

Well…I happened across a browser based game I’m finding to be somewhat addictive, slightly morbid, but quite entertaining.

The game is called Tactical Assassin Substratum.

You’re like a stick figure assassin given hits that you have to take out. You are given specific instructions on who you are after, like take out the guy that answers his cell phone.

I don’t know how many levels there are…but I’m trying my hardest to find out…heh heh.

(In this level, you have to take out the guy in the truck)

Find the game here…but be warned…it can be challenging and addictive…if you try it at work…don’t turn the speakers up too loud or else you may startle your co-workers…

I’ll be home Friday evening…just in time for some weekend gaming…but if you have any other web based game recommendations to occupy my time…feel free to send them my way.

Also…if you get a score you think is worth mentioning…let me know.