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The Quest for Originality...

I am always enamoured with games that venture out into the unknown, forge new paths and blaze new trails. Developers that produce games that introduce an original character, concept or course. These games are becoming more scarce as proven and successful titles breed sequel after sequel - did you know Call of Duty 7 (yes - Seven) is under development. Amazing.


When I first saw a screenshot of Naughty Bear - I was a little surprised. My thought was something along the lines of, "What on earth. What kind of kid's game is that?"

Well, having read a little bit about the game, I see that it's clearly not a kid's game. While it currently has an ESRB rating of Rating Pending (RP) - the warning also says may contain content inappropriate for children.


After reading the description, I don't know what would give anyone that impression...

505 Games U.S. and developer Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M) unveiled Naughty Bear, a cheeky action video game featuring a unique blend of comic mischief and astonishingly bad behavior. Se to release in 2010 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms, players will take on the role of Naughty Bear, a bear driven to seek vengeance after the other bears don't invite him to the big birthday party. Scorned for the last time, Naughty Bear becomes hell bent on manipulating and terrorizing the blissful bears inhabiting the Island of Perfection.


Well if that wasn't enough to convince you this isn't just some kids game, read on...

Naughty Bear lets you scare the stuffing out of your victims before you impale them on your machete...


HAH HAH...that's freakin' hilarious. It's like a cross between the old Postal video game and Toy Story...


Clearly this game is not a kids game which means it is targeting the older crowd...but is this a game that people are going to buy? Hmm...I really just don't know. It's interesting...there's no denying it's cute...but how many people are going to buy it? I am almost intrigued enough to risk buying it when it's released (supposed to be in June of this year).

I bought Mini Ninjas. I "said" it was for my daughter - but in reality, I played it some. Once the novelty wore off (about 10 minutes later) I never touched it again and once my daughter finished it, the game was promptly traded in.


So, I guess my question is...can developers go too far in the quest for originality?

Gotta give them credit though, it's a pretty bold move. Definitely blazing new trails. Who's going to follow?