Ironic...that I've recently blogged on the idea of including civilians in military themed first person shooters and measures video game developers could take to promote team work...when the following intel regarding Future Soldier came across my desk that discusses both concepts. Perhaps Future Soldier is the game I've been waiting for...



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SUBJ: Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Summary of media coverage and magazine articles



1. Intel on the upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier title from Ubisoft is starting to receive press attention from various media outlets including the Official Playstation Magazine and Xbox World 360 magazine. While most of the data hasn’t been disseminated through channels within the United States, the following report captures and summarizes most of the significant details.


While some of this information has already been briefed in the “Future Soldier Preview Online” article posted at, additional information and content is provided in this report for those that may have missed HQ’s news post.


It is important to note that representatives from have NOT tested or received any information (at least I haven’t) regarding Future Soldier and below comments. All  the information below was obtained from reading various sources that were given hands on access to an early build of Future Soldier, so the accuracy of the information and the final build of Future Soldier could theoretically differ from the below comments.




Release Date:

The release date was originally listed at Autumn/Fall 2010 – but one of the magazines indicated an October 2010 release date.



Kozac is the new Scott Mitchell – supposed to have “more personality”.



Russian President being deposed (and possibly kidnapped) by ultranationalist who stage a coup, and then invades parts of Europe. Also, a crippling cyber attack emanating from Norway occurs preventing monitoring of Russian activity (it’s unknown whether the cyber attack occurs prior to or after the coup).


Classes (and known equipment specific to each class):

Commando – Shoulder mounted rocket launcher with guided rockets (anti-personnel & vehicles)

Sniper – Audio Detectors and Heartbeat Sensors

Recon – Thermoptic Camouflage (as demonstrated in the trailer)

Engineer – Drones, Exoskeleton (carry extra gear), Sound Emitters (disables electronic sensors)


*NOTE* All classes can heal.


Developers Quote on Shoulder Mounted Rocket Launcher


Adrian Lacey, "Bullet Technology has changed. It's not longer about the delivery system, it's about the bullet. With your missile launcher, simply by pointing at an object you'll be able to send loads of missiles out. Target, track and hit."



Jump, Roll, Dive, Slide – “Throw yourself around the battlefield”. Sliding allows you to duck behind cover or slide into the ankles of a “bad guy” resulting in them being immobilized or at least disoriented.


Melee Combat - "Players have been begging for that extra little facet for ages. It's effectively the same principle as the knife in Modern Warfare - but evolved." Will include Israeli Krav Maga and Russia Systema fighting styles to “quickly” and “permanently” disable the bad guy; will also include melee attacks using weapons (including the use of the multi-tool on the assault rifle).



*NOTE* Ghost Recon and even Advanced Warfighter have never supported many of the movements (like jumping) that will be included in Future Soldier. Uncharted territory.



Assault Rifle - Bullpup configuration to minimize size; variety of mission specific configurations. Modular – allows for attachments including scopes and gun sights. Underslung Attachment includes shotgun and grenade launcher attachments. A multi-tool (on assault rifles) - "a deceptively simple but useful attachment enabling you to cut, unscrew, saw as well as breach doors or melee opponents".




DARPA Holographic Gun Sight



"Every device and item we incorporate into Future Soldier has undergone a detailed process of deliberation about its functionability and usability"


Future Soldier is based on real world technology - references homing bullets with adjustable fins and can change shape; optical camouflage technology pursued by University of Tokyo in the area of special reflective material and Berkeley with material invisible to microwave; the Raytheon Sarcos exoskeleton exists now (limited by speed and power source) and used for the basis of Future Soldier’s engineer class. (Based on real world technology and not a Crysis style suit or an accelerator suit like what is used in the GI Joe movie)


Weapons Unlocks will be included – and will include 45 real world modern day firearms including the AK-47, AN-94 and SCAR-L.


Using the Cross Com, soldiers can call in mortar shots, EMP bombs and air strikes as well as support from Apache attack helicopters and a futuristic variant of the Bradley fighting vehicle (could this be the Attila Tank Ubisoft hinted at?).



Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) also known as the “Drone” returns only this time it’s armed.



Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) that Ubisoft has labeled the “Ground Drone” – this was the “unknown item” in the teaser trailer. Some have labeled it the ED 209 from Robocop. It’s armored, hosts an array of electronic equipment and touts a menacing looking “anti-personnel artillery” system.



Thermoptic Camouflage – records what it sees around the soldier and projects it on the suit. When you fire it makes you visible, otherwise it turns soldiers into blurry shapes.



No Squad commands or movement orders – the Future Soldiers “train hard so they can operate without being told what to do…”


Linear maps gone – enemies rush (and shoot) from all angles.


Civilians included – not punished for killing them but possible consequences.


Weather and affects may be included and have an impact on soldiers.


Capturing vs. Killing – take an enemy’s Cross Com gear and tap into their network and see where all their forces are deployed.


Single player, Split screen, Coop – A wealth of options.


Story not told via the Cross Com - you'll see the story unfold thru the eyes of protagonists. Play as the Russian President’s Bodyguard and watch the coup as it happens live. Play as a brave citizen defending his homeland from invasion. Full levels - although not as long as the Future Soldier missions.


Play alone with AI teammates or have up to 3 others drop in to fill the squad positions.


Close Quarter Combat (CQC) over long range tactics – action/combat “mirrors run and gun wall hopping action of Uncharted 2.”


Key Feature:

Future Soldier is introducing the “Link Up” feature which has been compared to a similar feature in the Army of Two game. Link Up allows up to four players (Squad Leader and 3 squad mates?) to “snap to” one another and move in tandem (linked within a couple of feet). While connected, the group takes advantage and shares skills and abilities based on classes and equipment. This feature promotes teamwork and discourages the “lone wolf” – lone wolves run a higher risk of getting captured and providing the enemy with their cross com and potentially compromising their team’s safety.


Ubisoft is promoting this as a “revolution” in multiplayer gaming.





Scott Mitchell,


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