Pardon the short, uninspiring and "wanders around aimlessly" blog, but I had somewhat of a hectic and crappy day (wife had surgery and I'm just getting home after 12 hours at the hospital surrounded by sick people - talk about feeling helpless).

I've got an out of this world headache that ironically feels better as I type this blog in my son's room while he jams out on "He Sleeps in a Grove" on Rockband.

Just to help keep you on track with the focus of my blog...I am going to start out talking about Portal 2 but then I will transistion to a thought on a feature I would like to see in Portal 2 (and perhaps, other multiplayer games).


I could just skip writing a blog today I suppose, and while I'm at it, why not just quit playing video games all together or how about just quit breathing. I write (whether it's good or bad - well received or not) because like playing video games, it's a stress reliever. It calms my nerves and makes me happy.

So anyways...tonight's blog is short and sweet...and is inspired from the Portal 2 story I read in the latest issue of Game Informer on hour three or four of my wait in the hospital holding pen. If you haven't read the story, you should. And if you have, I hope you are as excited about the game as I am. The article was spot on!

By the way...if you haven't played Portal and are considering might not want to read the article just yet as there are some spoilers.

First of all, the article was fairly beefy, both in content and length. It weighs in at 12 pages (although some are just pretty pictures, but hey, who doesn't love pretty pictures.) I was surprised how much information is already being revealed. Especially given that Valve is historically known to not release a game (or info) until it's ready.

Not only did the article reveal plot details about the continuation of the original story, it also provided some of the new technology and gadgets that will help the player safely navigate the various puzzles, obstacles and challenges.

Items like the aerial faith plate, thermal discouragement beam, excursion funnel and the pneumatic diversity vent. You really have to hand it to the Valve development team...their creativity is unmatched.

I'd offer up my Star Wars action figure collection if I thought it would help, but I truly hope the developers are able to inspire and cultivate the same feeling and emotions that I (and apparently lots of other folks as well) felt when I played the original Portal (I wrote a blog about it a few days ago, if you're interested). It will be hard to surpass the original, as most sequels seldom do, but if its just nearly as good as the original I think I'll be happy.


One of the most intriguing concepts to be included in Portal 2 is cooperative play with a fellow teammate. Don't make any snarky comments just yet. It actually sounds pretty neat and fairly balanced. I think it will be well received.

Okay, so thinking about Portal 2, the article and actually playing the game, I thought of a feature that I think would be pretty cool.

The overall premise of Portal (and Portal 2 I would imagine) is that you're somewhat of a lab rat going through various puzzles and obstacles to get to the end (or exit). There are several levels or areas that you progress through, and once you successfully complete it, it's on to the next.

I think it would be pretty cool if there was a "spectator" mode (many games have a spectator mode - but the camera and view is often limited) that allowed you to observe "test subjects" attempting to safely navigate the levels. In reality, there will be hundreds or thousands of people connected to Steam playing this game at a time. Imagine if you could log in as a spectator and observe random and complete strangers attempting to solve the puzzles. Now imagine if you weren't the spectator in the traditional sense, rather, as an observer you took on the role as one of the scientist conducting this panel of tests (granted, I don't think there are going to be any other living characters in Portal 2, but you get the point).

Oh's just a thought. And with that my friends...I'm off to watch my son totally shred "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" on Guitar Hero.

Y'all have a good night. Peace.

(Please disregard any spelling or grammar mistakes as I may have dozed off a time or two)