One thing I enjoy about gamers is their creativity, ingenuity and ability to take a game and play it the way the designers probably never intended or expected. Often times, these "crazy gamer" ideas are actually modeled into new games.



Yes, it's true, you might see this a lot more on the PC platform, as it's become common practice for games to come equipped with a full set of mod tools, which empowers the gamers to create, edit, modify every nut and bolt of the game they're playing.


For example, the other night I played a Team Fortress 2 mod (Prop Hunt) that I could probably best describe as a game of hide and seek. The twist though, is the players that were supposed to hide, were inanimate objects. You could be a cone, a plank, a tire...whatever kinds of items you might otherwise find on that particular map. And in the 30 seconds or so you were given prior to the other team being released from their base, you had to hide (in your inanimate form) in an inconspicuous spot. Well, when the other team is released they come after you. They aren't able to reload, so they can't just shoot wildly or else they risk running out of ammo and then it's harder to kill you. Most players used the flamethrower to "detect" hidden players. The round is given to the inanimate objects (hiders) as long as one player can survive the whole round without being destroyed, otherwise the hunters (seekers) win.


I'm not even going to go into all the wonderful mods that have been created by some of the brilliant gamers within our world of gaming.


It isn't impossible to create some unique games on regular old console games, but it does require a bit of creativity.


My son and I used to play what we coined "Jeep Wars" on Halo (yeah, the first one, the best one). We would play various maps and the only thing you could use to kill the opponent was the Warthog. I was always amazed with the awesome wrecks you could cause when the vehicles didn’t take damage. The goal was to flip the other person's Warthog and when they jumped clear of the overturned vehicle, SPLAT!


Of course, one popular approach in First Person Shooters is to have everyone use a particular weapon, like...knives only, pistols only, grenades only, snipers only. It's hard to pull off in a public forum, but get a few friends together for a friendly game of knives only and you're in for some laughs.


I recall a time many years ago that I hosted an online competition (titled Operation Allied Patriot) within the Ghost Recon community - complete with prizes and awards. (For those that might remember the TV show Combat Missions, it was a lot like that.) Ten man teams could sign up and compete against one another in campaign missions as well as a few events revolving around stealth, intelligence gathering, weapons proficiency and a few other tests. As teams lost, they would have to vote a player off the team (like Survivor) until there was one man left. Last man standing, if you will.


Let’s see…what else…


NBA Jam games where you could only shoot 3 pointers.



Rounds of Soul Caliber where you had to get ring outs to score.



And of course there was playing NASCAR like a demolition derby race. Who could wreck and who and take out the most cars. I don’t know that we ever witnessed the checkered flag wave as both of our cars usually ended up in the garage so we just restarted the race and gave it another go.


So, anyone else ever create their own custom game based on an existing game?