Flash traffic coming down the wire regarding Future Soldier...

On February 09, 2010, Ubisoft surprised the gaming world with news that the next chapter in the Ghost Recon saga was starting to see the light of day. Some of us interested in the title have known it was in the works for a while, but were still caught with our gun belts around our ankles when the news broke.

Shortly after, a very brief and cryptic trailer was released providing a glimpse into the future of the series, and teased us with the hint of a rather nifty and hi-tech optical camoflauge system employed by the soldiers.

For reasons that I cannot discuss or disclose, I have a heightened level of interest in Future Soldier news and the subsequent release of the game. (Okay, that might be putting it on a bit heavy...I got a little carried away). Because of this relationship, if you are a regular reader of my blog, then expect me to provide periodic coverage of this game.

I've already linked one of my blogs to an article that was published by a Scott Mitchell (an obvious ghost writer) over at www.ghostrecon.net that analyzed the video clip for any fragments of intel that might provide a little insight into the mechanics of the game. If you're interested in the link, you can find it here.

A careful scrub of the video didn't reveal much, because there wasn't much to it...or was there?

Representatives from Ubisoft continue to tease the community with hints and clues surrounding the teaser trailer. First they link the Scott Mitchell report from www.ghostrecon.net at their site while asking if anyone discovered any hidden clues in the video; and then today, they send out a few posts (tweets) on Twitter indicating that on March 10, 2010 (WED) they will begin sharing hints hidden within the official release of the Ghost Recon Future Soldier teaser trailer.

While it's a bit premature to raise the DEFCON level at this point, it will be interesting to see how much information they release. We're only in the 3rd month of the year and already some big titles have come out. If Ubisoft wants to compete with the stiff competition that's already making it's presence known, I would think they need to start showing off the big guns to steal the spotlight from the likes of Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

Time will tell. Tomorrow is nearly here.

I'm guessing...T Minus 9 hours and counting...