StarCraft has quite the international reputation and its legacy is forever etched in the gaming archives. A number of journalists and industry experts consider the game as one of the most important and influential real time strategy (RTS) games in the history of gaming. The game has such a huge following in South Korea; they have sponsored professional players and leagues that compete in organized tournaments. These cyber-athletes receive the same kind of fanfare that football and basketball players in the USA receive, although I don’t know that you’ll see any of them grace the cover of a Wheaties box anytime soon.



After nearly a decade since the original release of StarCraft, a select few “chosen” individuals are now participating in the Starcraft II beta. So far, the general consensus seems favorable.


The StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Beta Test Has Begun

Blizzard Entertainment is pleased to welcome all of our beta testers to the first phase of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty beta test. You will have an early opportunity to play, test, and experience the online multiplayer aspect of StarCraft II, as well as get a first look at the newly revamped


While I’m not necessarily a fan of real time strategy games (including StarCraft), I’m always pleased when a PC game can receive a lot of hype and draw a big crowd. It’s important for the growth and sustainment of the PC as a gaming platform. Besides, RTSs are one of the few genres of games that the PC still dominates. Games like Halo Wars prove that RTSs are capable on consoles, but still, they’re not nearly as popular or uncomplicated as compared to the PC version.



I suppose the biggest reason I’m not a fan of RTSs because I’m a perfectionist. When I play games like this, I focus more on base building and making sure everything is symmetrical and balanced instead of concentrating on strategy and mounting any worthwhile offensive.



I guess I’ll keep riding the bench and cheering the rest of the team on…



…or maybe I’ll just keep playing my First Person Shooters (FPS) and wish them all the best.

Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.