I have to give you the background before I go into details about my problem, so please be patient.

Like many of you, I read the Game Informer magazine. Unlike most of you, I’m more interested with the little gems inside the magazine and not the big cover stories or exclusives. Sure, the March 2010 is an impressive issue. From the L.A. Noire cover story to some big time reviews for games like Mass Effect 2, Bio Shock 2 and Battle Field: Bad Company 2 (hmm…interesting trend),  the magazine is jam packed with gaming goodness. But the item that caught my attention was on page 31 – Top 10 FPS Multiplayer Maps.



As I looked at each picture and read the brief description for each of the 10 maps, I would chuckle a little, nod my head in agreement and think, “Yeah, I agree. That is a really good map.”


Well, I made it all the way through the 10 maps when I realized…with the exception of Lost Village, I have spent an inordinate amount of time on each of the maps listed in the article. And not only have I played them, but I actually loved them.


It’s like the author (Nick Ahrens) has been spying on my gaming exploits. He could’ve titled the article, “Saint’s Top 10 FPS Multiplayer Maps.”


I don’t know if it’s okay for me to list the maps or not…as I’m sure it’s copyrighted...but I own the magazine, I’ve given credit to the author, and I’m posting it at GI’s website, so hopefully I’m covered.


Anyway, the list…

Dust – Counterstrike

Lost Village – Battlefield 1942

Wake Island – Battlefield 1942



Blood Gulch – Halo

Crash – COD4: Modern Warfare

2Fort – Team Fortress

Facility – GoldenEye 007

Strike at Karkand – Battlefield 2

Calypso Casino – Rainbow Six: Vegas



Tokay’s Tower – Quake II


When I try and think about which one is my favorite…I just can’t do it. I actually preferred Wake Island on Battlefield 2 over 1942. I have more hours logged on Wake Island than all my other BF2 maps combined. I still play 2Fort on Team Fortress 2 almost nightly. Rappelling into Calypso Casino with all the bells and whistles from the slot machines clinking in the background. Would we even have Red vs. Blue if it wasn’t for Blood Gulch? Scary to think that we might not. I love them all. They’re all awesome.



And that’s when I realized…




My name is Saint…



…and I’m a first person shooter’aholic.