FROM:  Scott Mitchell, futuresoldier@ghostrecon.net

TO: Undisclosed Recipients

SUBJ:  Analysis and Assessment Report in reference to audio/video file received from Ubisoft.

1.  On FEB 09, 2010, a media file was released to the online community promoting the future release of a video game titled Ghost Recon Future Soldier (GRFS). While the clip is just under one minute in duration and displays random images of unsubstantiated significance, our intelligence analysts were able to collect some potential data points that will be further investigated to corroborate their relevance.

2. While other external agencies and various other experts have likely conducted their own analysis of the data file, the audio and video tracks were closely examined in house using a multitude of filtering and enhancement procedures. The final report has been released to the public and is freely distributable on behalf of an agent of www.ghostrecon.net.

3. Details of the analysis and assessment provided below:

A. The clip opens with a Pan European Game Information (PEGI) 16 warning. PEGI is essentially the equivalent of the Entertainment Rating Software Board (ESRB).  The 16 suggests the game is suitable for individuals 16 years of age or older.

B. Transcription of official audio track:

Indiscernible Radio Chatter.

Narrator:  “Technology evolves. Threats evolve. And yet war is constant. The soldier of tomorrow must rise to meet these new threats. The future depends on it.”

Unidentified Soldier (communicating on military grade hardware): “Area secured. Initiating Phantom Op.”

Intelligence Analysis Comment: A search of historical records revealed no exact source for the narrator’s speech although the comments loosely resemble concepts from the Art of War by Sun Tzu. Additionally, a scan of military archives revealed no correlation between Phantom Op and any known codeword or operation.

C. Analysis of video track:

The US Military does not promote or endorse this product.

Acknowledge not an official military product.

“The soldier of the future is an F-16 on legs.” -Jean-Louis DeGay (US Army Natick Research Development and Engineering Center)

Jean-Louis DeGay is an actual person who "develops new items for soldiers, and addresses all systems that interact with the soldier. He also runs the Future Force Warrior Outreach Program. Before joining FFW TPO, DeGay was with the Marine Corps Customer Team working on clothing and individual items for soldiers. He was a Captain with 10 years of service in the United States Army in a number of assignments. DeGay has a B.A. from the University of Georgia and is currently studying for his M.S. at Western New England College. He is a graduate of, among others, Airborne School, the Bradley Leader's Course and Ranger School from his time in the military."

More information on Natick can be found at: http://www.army.mil/info/organization/natick/


Interesting to note, "two future soldier combat uniform concepts were demonstrated to members of the US congress recently - a vision of what the American soldier will be wearing in 2010 and ten years hence in 2020. Both systems look straight out of a science fiction movie, with the 2020 concept bearing more than a passing resemblance to Star War's Darth Vader, complete with armour, weapons systems and information advantages that border on unsporting. The two new uniform systems are being developed under the Future Combat System Program and include a weapon, head-to-toe individual protection, onboard computer network, soldier-worn power sources, and enhanced human performance. http://www.gizmag.com/go/3062/ (This is a must read!)"


Additional reading regarding the soldier of the future:


The video seems to spotlight a few “people of interest” that might be the targets of snatch and grab or elimination missions.  There are at least 3 men that are spotlighted, all of Middle Eastern descent. One man’s name appears to be Malik Junaid Amhad and is tagged with an ID number of 618305848. Additionally, there appears to be one American soldier identified as a MAJ Wilson Klout, although the exact spelling of the name or identity cannot be confirmed at this time.

The video seems to suggest either continued or renewed wide scale conflict as depicted by the types of forces being employed, including an aircraft carrier, tanks, helicopters and regular ground forces. Additionally, there is a report that a Taliban attack in Afghanistan killed 5 people.

The video shows the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) come under attack. The ship appears to suffer major damage to the bridge and the video clearly states an explosion was detected. Based on the location and severity of the damage, it is our assessment that the air craft carrier will be immobilized and suffer heavy casualties.


The following locations are mentioned as potential areas that will be visited or referenced in GRFS. They include Warsaw Poland, Moscow Russia, Baghdad Iraq, Berlin Germany, Norway, Saudi Arabia and the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. There is another location listed in Russia but the exact name of the city is indiscernible.

Three sections of the video have caused our organization some concern.

The first seems to indicate a major covert offensive, possibly the Phantom Op that is mentioned in the video that potentially occurs in Saudi Arabia. There is an oil well burning and thick black clouds filling the sky. The scene is reminiscent of the first Gulf War, but the appearance of a cloaked team of soldiers indicate this is a new event. In one screen, there is a man made item that slightly resembles a grenade and the sound of small arms fire can be heard.  The phrases “Strike Package ZULU on Target” and “Target Sequence Initiated” seem to imply a coordinated airstrike or other major military offensive.


The next issue is a piece of hardware that suggests the inclusion of a thermal sensor, protective armor, satellite uplink and other indiscernible components, one of which possibly reads anti-personal artillery and one that possibly reads comms rotary. The exact size and nature of the device is unknown. Our first assessment speculated it was part of the future soldier equipment, possibly the integrated headseat or computer system, but the final conclusion was inconclusive.


The final and perhaps most controversial segment of the video were in the final seconds that revealed an individual cloaking device. While a majority of the public voiced concern over the item and objected to its inclusion in the Future Soldier game, our assessment was this technology is already a reality in a controlled environment or laboratory setting and given that this games indicates a 2020 timeframe, it’s highly probable this technology will exist on the battlefield. There isn’t a significant amount of data available in the video to explain the implementation and/or operation of the cloaking device, but based on the cloak and the headgear equipment worn by each soldier, our best assessment is that the cloaking device is a derivative of the Retro-Reflective Projection technology (RPT). This organization is not qualified to discuss RPT in depth, but there are a number of websites available that can discuss and demo this technology, including http://tachilab.org/modules/projects/rpt.html. It’s interesting to note that RPT does employ head mounted equipment to successfully use it, which these soldiers are clearly wearing. The device on their headgear does not resemble traditional Night Vision Goggles or other known equipment.

4. Summary: The information contained in this report was derived from careful review and analysis of the 1 minute video clip. It’s important to note that the video may be strictly propaganda and not relevant to the Future Soldier title. All this information should be considered speculative and not factual. The opinions and views expressed in this report are not necessarily the official views of Ubisoft or www.ghostrecon.com.


Scott Mitchell, futuresoldier@ghostrecon.net