Gamers sometimes remind me of the old Goldilocks fairy tale. This game is too big, this game is too small…seldom do you hear this game is just right.

Gamers are an odd lot. We command everything from our video games and when the game studios honor our demands, what do we do? We complain and condemn them. Eventually we adapt and overcome. Or we just move on.

An example…

Infinity Ward shocked the gaming community, or at least a part of it, when they published that the multiplayer component of Modern Warfare 2 was going to cap the team size to 9 vs. 9. This wasn’t a big shock to the console players who are used to MP restrictions on the number of players, but for the PC community that is used to (and expects) 64 players (32 vs. 32), this came as blasphemy.



Well, despite all the grumbling, Modern Warfare 2 certainly hasn’t suffered from Infinity Ward’s decision as the numbers (both in dollars and number of online players) clearly indicate the game is very popular and witnessing a healthy following.



On the other hand,

Along comes a game like MAG (Massive Action Game).  Zipper Interactive delivered a First Person Shooter (FPS) title for the Playstation 3 that exceedingly surpasses MP team limits witnessed by all other shooters on all other platforms (at least that I can recall). I do remember Joint Operations for PC touted 150 players, but MAG claims 256 players (128 vs. 128).

256. Wow. Truly a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) First Person Shooter (FPS). That is an amazing feat, especially considering it is on a console.

You’d think the gaming community would be ablaze with excitement over this accomplishment.

You’d think…but you’d be wrong.

I’ve listened to a couple of media outlet podcasts, read some reviews, and perused a few forums for some player feedback, and the feeling I get is that 256 players isn’t nearly as entertaining as one might expect. In fact, the game is getting mediocre reviews and the size of the maps required to support 256 players is often considered one of the downfalls that is plaguing the game. When it takes you several minutes to jog over to the scene of the action and then you die within just a few seconds from a sniper round and have to wait an inordinate amount of time before you have to do it all over, it gets a little frustrating.  It will be interesting to see if the game overcomes the challenges it currently faces and prolongs its longevity or if players will abandon ship and move on to the next big title that always seems to be right around the corner.


In all fairness, I haven’t played the game so most of this is second hand information, but it doesn’t change the point that we should be careful what we ask for because once we get it, we might just realize it isn’t nearly as fun and as exciting as what we imagined it would be.

Yeah, it's that whole grass is greener concept…


Now who thinks 3-D gaming is a good idea?