While the symbiotic relationship between movies and video games isn’t always one of mutualism, I can’t help but watch movies inspired by video games even though I am fully expecting them to be, how should I put it…junk. One of the last movies I watched based on a video game was Far Cry. Not necessarily a horrible movie, but definitely not as good as the game.



Tonight I finished XIII. For those that are old like me and don’t remember learning (or forgot them a long time ago) Roman numbers in school, XIII is thirteen.

DISCLAIMER – XIII came out in 2003. That’s 7 years ago. I very well might discuss some spoilers. I don’t think you can even get the game anymore (maybe on eBay), but should you have the desire to acquire and play the game, then you might not want to read anymore because I’m going to tell you what a crappy ending the game has.

Okay…so XIII…I’m going to give the Wikipedia summary since it summarizes it a lot more eloquently than I could…

XIII (Thirteen) is a Franco-Belgian comics series written and drawn by Belgians Jean Van Hamme and William Vance, revolving around an amnesiac protagonist who seeks to discover his concealed past. With its plot inspired by Robert Ludlum's book The Bourne Identity, XIII was initially serialized in 1984 in Spirou, and was later published by Dargaud. In 2003, the storyline of the first five volumes was adapted into a video game, also titled XIII, that was released on several platforms. A XIII TV miniseries starring Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff was released in 2008.


XIII is very much a knock off of The Bourne Identity (LOL – read my blog titled “The Clone Wares” for my thoughts on knock offs). It is also indeed a TV mini-series, so don’t make the mistake of trying to watch it like a normal movie in one setting like yours truly did. It’s long.



To be honest, the XIII show wasn’t bad. It did have Val Kilmer in it. I kinda like old Val Kilmer. He has a pretty impressive resume. The show had lots of action; lots of shooting. I’ve seen worse crossovers. Overall, I don’t regret watching it, but I certainly won’t be adding XIII to my DVD collection. I rented it from the Redbox and it was worth the buck it cost to rent it.

XIII (the video game) is Ubisoft’s cel-shaded First Person Shooter (FPS) created using the Unreal 2 engine and released on the Xbox, PS2, Gamecube and PC.

As far as XIII the game, there were a few things I really enjoyed about it. The “flashback” sequences were done very nicely. They were dark and clouded. Almost ghostly and ethereal. It was very impressive. The other thing I enjoyed about the game was the special kill shot view the player is treated to when they get a head shot. If you’re a fan of comic books, you’ll appreciate the game’s adaptation.



All that being said, the one serious flaw that just totally ruined XIII for me is the ending. I will try and make this is as clear as I can – In 30+ years of gaming, XIII has the very worst ending I’ve ever seen.

Just when you think the story is nearly over and the main character is going to reveal the great mystery that you have been trying to uncover the whole game…it ends.

The game literally leaves you hanging with, “To be continued…”



No game should ever end with “to be continued”…ever. That is like forcing gamers into buying the sequel if they want to find out the end of the story. And in this case, to my knowledge, a sequel was never released.

Bad. Very Bad.