How’s that for a play on words…3 game tie-ins in one title. Sweet.

Unless you were on a diplomatic trip to Alderan, volunteering in Haiti or you’re a World of Warcraft player and stayed up until this morning after participating in a very important quest, you have very likely heard by now the breaking news regarding the next installment in the Ghost Recon saga. I have read the same limited information from dozens of sources covering this story now, and everyone is scrambling to get the scoop. I’m anxious to see what is revealed.


I’ve heard a number of gaming pundits speculate that 2010 has the potential of being a milestone year for big releases, but I don’t recall any discussions ever mentioning the probability of a Ghost Recon title in 2010. A possibility, maybe? Ubisoft hinted a week or so ago that big news was coming, and they certainly delivered on their claim. This is big news. While I think it’s a bit premature to discuss a Game of the Year nod at this point, the series is no stranger to that level of attention.

What can I say about the series that you probably haven’t already read by those lucky enough to be granted special access in the performance of their official journalistic duties and report back to us, the hungry reader?

Probably not much. Only that Ghost Recon, while not as flashy and popular as other military themed First Person Shooters (FPS) like Modern Warfare 2, is uniquely different and has at its core, a devoted fan base that is more than willing to sacrifice flash and flair for the single most important component that sets it apart from other shooters and that’s realism. Ghost Recon set the standard for a distinctive subset of the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre, labeled “realistic tactical shooter” or “realistic tactical simulator” by many in the community.

Unfortunately, the realism standard has been sacrificed over years in subsequent installments of the series, but the core group of fans stood resolute in their support of Ghost Recon’s legacy. The game, at least the PC version, is still played, modded and discussed.



It will be interesting to see the approach the new game takes, but honestly, with a title professing “future” and the vague details hinting of high tech weaponry, my spider sense is telling me the old veterans are going to be further disappointed. Time will tell.

While I’ve drifted away from the community over the years, Ghost Recon will always hold a special place in my personal game archives. Nearly a decade ago, I had the honor and privilege of providing assistance (assistance that pales in comparison to the amount of time, energy and passion put forth by its founder – Rocky) over at

Fan sites come and go with the rise and fall of a game’s popularity, but ever since its inception nearly a decade ago, has followed its namesake game and supported an active community. There are no finer gamers that I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with or engaging on the (virtual) battlefield.

Whether you’re an old dinosaur like me that witnessed the creation of Ghost Recon or part of the new generation of players that cut your teeth on the Advanced Warfighter series, this site is worth your time and welcomes PC and console gamers alike.

I know where I’ll be following future developments of this breaking story.

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