Another week, another controversy. This week it's all about God of War: Ascension and the violence depicted in the game towards a female character. Of course, as a big fan of the female anatomy, Cody has some pointed criticism to throw at the game and some very strong opinions about the controversy. 

You'll have to watch the video to hear what he says, but I think you'll agree with him. I tried a few things with this week's episode. For starters, I actually tried. Period. Last week's show was off the cuff and kinda poor but this week was scripted and dare I say it might actually make you laugh. I also utilized the TV for displaying the game in the background so that I could have a little more on the screen than just Cody and my paltry collection of trinkets and figures. That's not to say I won't go off script a few times and that happens twice in this show, once involving the phone and another involving mojomonkey12. 

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Stay classy!!!