Tomorrow is a big day! There are a lot of things coming together for the Extra-Life marathon. I'm very excited to fully participate this year. We have some great plans and will be doing some awesome things. So here's some of them.

First off, I'll be finishing my San Francisco Adventure blogs with number 30 coming tomorrow. Sure, I should've been done three days ago since I missed a few days. But it's fitting that it will be ending on the same day as Extra-Life. I'm very ready to be done with this series, as I've made it clear that I'm not a fan of the 30/30 but that's ok. I'm still glad I did it. 

I went downtown today and while I was down there, I stopped into Gamestop. I was debating on what games I might want to play tomorrow, without spending too much money. While I plan on playing some Sleeping Dogs, Skyrim and some Playstation All-stars beta but I also bought some important, bad first person shooters to help the time fly by. So hopefully Goldeneye Reloaded and Medal of Honor will suffice for that purpose.

We are planning to do a special Indie & Mojo Show tomorrow as well. Any GIOers participating in Extra-Life that would like to be on the show, let myself or Jeremy know. We can talk about what you're playing and how it's going. It should be a fun show. We'll both be hanging in the Team GIO Skype chat, so hit us up there to participate in the episode.

Today and yesterday were also big days for the job hunt. Yesterday, I had to take a four hour writing and editing test for a marketing/ in-house journalist position for a job agency. I heard back from the hiring supervisor and will hopefully have an interview soon. On the video game journalism front, I'm making a serious push to land an interview with Polygon. I applied for a news writer position, a game reviewer position and a features writer position with the site in the last few days.

So.... today I went down to their office in hopes of speaking with one of the editors. I got to the address and stood in front of the brick building with blacked out windows and not a single sign displaying the business' name, trying to build the courage to walk in. When I did, I rang the bell several times waiting for someone to buzz me in or open the door. Finally, someone came to the door that I didn't recognize. It was one of the video producers for The Verge. It seemed like he was the only person in the office. I explained who I was and what I was doing there. He was really friendly and explained that Phil and Arthur are the only editors based out of the San Francisco office and they both were out of the office today. I left him my card and went off to Gamestop. But.... I'm going back on Monday. One of them is bound to be there on Monday. All I want is an interview. 

So that's just a jumbled mess of things, but there are a lot of different things going on right now and a lot of exciting things happening. I hope to see you all tomorrow online. 

Stay classy Game Informer!