This week Jeremy and I are flying solo...together. Jack couldn't join us this week, so we did a show just the two of us like old times. Don't worry, Jack returns for next week's episode. This episode is actually a few weeks old so thanks for your patience with the outdated topics. But nobody really listens to us for up to the minute breaking news anyway do they? If so, they're doing it wrong. After Jeremy tells a couple stories about his experiences with customer service people (seriously, dude's go problems), I give my review of Ridley Scott's Alien prequel-ish film Prometheus. 

We talk about games a little bit since this is a video game podcast. We chat about Jeremy trying to play Half-Life 2 but not being able to find it! He apparently lost it for a while, but spoilers for the next episode: he found it and is playing it now! We also chat a bit about Max Payne 3 and Jeremy gives his impressions of the single player. Oh and we also complain about The Walking Dead Episode 2 not coming out yet (keep in mind, this was recorded before the game released last week). 

Jeremy also gives listeners a run down of some frequently asked questions about the upcoming Extra-Life marathon. He addresses some misconceptions about Team GIO and how the 24 hour marathon works. Check out the team's website for more information and to learn more about how to make Team GIO the number 1 team in Extra Life 2012! Seriously, we're already number 3, and we only need a little bit more to overtake number 2. If you haven't joined yet, get on it! 

Also just a reminder to all our loyal listeners: our one year anniversary is coming up! So start brainstorming what you're gonna get us!...or tell us what kind of things you'd like to hear on our first anniversary show.

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The Platinum/ 1000 Club by Mray901

Violence for Violence's Sake by Jon Gregory aka Jman240

The music for this show is by a singer/ songwriter named Kishi Bashi. This song is completely infectious and I have a feeling it will be on a car commercial or iPod commercial or something like that by the end of the year. Check out his website for more information.

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