Violence in video games. After the bloodbath that was E3, this is a huge topic of discussion in the industry, and we tackle it on this week's show. Jeremy cries because nobody agrees with him. Too bad, so sad. 

We also chat about the games we're playing at the moment including why Jeremy and I aren't too enthralled with The Witcher 2.  Jack talks about the Uncharted games and why he doesn't like Uncharted 2 as much as Uncharted 3 (blasphemy!). 

And stay tuned after the music at the end to hear our discussion on the season finale of A Game of Thrones. SPOILERS!

And of course, we talk about Team GIO and give more details about how YOU can help sick kids by playing video games for 24 hours or just pretending to play video games for 24 hours. We won't tell.

After our hiatus from shout-outs last week we are back with the....

JACKED UP Indie & Mojo Show shout-outs shout-outs shout-outs

30/30 Day 11 Summer of Indie by GoldvsSilver

My E3 by Kyle Wadsworth

Game of Thrones Revitalized My Love for the Fantasy Genre by Chris the Savior of the Galaxy? 

The music for this episode is by a band called Hot Chip. They're a dance/ pop band that I am addicted to at the moment. If you want to know more about them, visit their website

Enjoy the show, we slaved over it just for you.

You stay classy Game Informer

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