On this week's episode the trio is back with an all new name! To include Jack in the name, we have changed the name of the podcast. Thanks to everyone who gave us ideas for the name. 

On this weeks show we discuss:

  • What we're playing (Darksiders, Portal 2, and in Jeremy's case it doesn't matter because it's still not Half-Life 2)
  • Kentucky Derby murders
  • Not watching super replays and being scolded for it
  • Shooting fools through their scope into their eyes!
  • Diablo III anticipation
  • Why does every man in A Game of Thrones become an idiot any time a woman walks on screen?
  • Should books be translated to new media as a faithful retelling or as a new take on a familiar tale? 
  • If you don't want any spoilers on A Game of Thrones, skip from the 43 minute mark to the 58 minute mark. Sorry...
  • The new $99 Xbox plan

The Jacked Up Indie & Mojo Show Shout-outs shout-outs shout-outs

What I Want In.... by Jolt the Cynic

The Wii U is going to break the tradition of mediocre console launches by Stonecutters908

Wearing the Hat That Fits by Le Hannibal

31/31 by Stranger

This week's music is by tUnE-yArDs. It's weird but damn I love it! It's just so different and passionate and exhilerating. That's just my thoughts on it. Also...song's totally a liberal anthem but the Jacked Up Indie & Mojo Show doesn't support any specific political party. However, you can always donate to our Super Pac by clicking this link.

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Stay Classy 

The JACKED UP Indie & Mojo Show Episode 34