UPDATE: Now with link to the episode.

This episode has basically everything you could ever want in an Indie & Mojo episode. Let's run down the checklist shall we?

Indie? Check (that's debatable of course)

Mojo? Check

Drama? Check

Humor? Check (also debatable)

E3 Predictions? Check

Next-gen talk? Check

Team GIO 2012 details? Check

A Tupac Shakur cameo? Check

More Vita talk? Check

Dark Souls impressions? Check

A Kratos dating sim? Check

A big announcement? Check (I'm gonna make you listen to find out what that is, but trust me when I say that I&MS will never be the same)

And of course as always:

The Indie & Mojo Show community shout-outs shout-outs shout-outs

Let's Play for Child's Play by YepImaPersonWaving 

The Most Powerful Video Games I've Ever Played by Chris, the savior of the galaxy? 

This week's music is from Jack White's new album Blunderbuss. Check out the website here.

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That's all folks!

You stay classy Game Informer!

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