This week, Jeremy and I welcome another GIO guest. This time it's Redlitez76 or Grouchy Old Dude. He shares his thoughts on Journey (the game, not the band, though he does love the band). We chat about the Vita a lot, which I just got for my birthday. Listening to this episode you might be surprised that I now have a Vita since I was a little down on the system on this show. I didn't pay for it, so there's that. I would say I am really enjoying it. 

Of course we talk a little more about Game of Thrones...cuz that's kinda our thing now. I guess...

We also talk about Red's affinity for "bad" licensed games like Green Lantern, how he has a fun southern accent, DC vs Marvel, Bethesda's need to sue everyone who looks at them sideways, and taxes. Yup taxes. It was April 17th when we recorded this show.

How had I never played this game before??? It's amazing!

GIO Community Shout-outs shout-outs shout-outs

Thejourneyman66 for just doing what he does...I think. 

Matthew Fugere for his hilarious blog The Begending with a subtitle too long for me to post here.

GoldvsSilver for being an awesome community member and posting the Member Spotlight.

Our music for this episode is by the greatest classic rock band to exist ever in eternity ever... In Red's opinion.

Check out the episode for yourself on iTunes or on our Podomatic page. Enjoy!

Or listen to it right here!!

Thanks to Dean for explaining that to me and getting that to work! You rock! No matter what Mojo says. :)

You stay classy Game Informer

Take it easy fellas???? That's not how it goes Red!!