"There's all those shows about teenagers being pregnant all the time so if they're moms then that demographic mixes perfectly together."- Matthew Fugere

"This episode may become a little goofier than usual." -Jeremy 

"We can split the pleasue." -Matthew 

"I did that once when I was younger." -Jeremy

"Batman's just a rich guy who wants to give back to his community but he just beats the s*** out of everybody. He doesn't build homes for anybody or anything." -Matthew

"Daniel, it sounds like you had a great time at PAX, actually it sounds like you had a terrible time at PAX." -Jeremy

"England had dragons and stuff in it? I didn't know that. They never taught us that in school. Apparently there were dragons and lots of incest."-Matthew

Those are just a few of the quotes from this week's hilarious, but NSFW episode. Seriously if you aren't a fan of our occasional immature humor, this might be a good episode to skip. As long as you return to us next week, we won't hold it against you! Matthew Fugere joins us to discuss a number of topics and by cover I mean we...nevermind, I'll just let you figure out where I was going with that. 

Of course we still make time to spotlight some excellent community members from this week so here goes!

Diary of a Fighter *and* a Lover Anyway by Hist

WGWC #6 How I found faith and my brother in left field by Chris the savior of the galaxy?

WGWC #6 What Achievement is to Me by BlackHeartedWolf

If you enjoyed Matthew's rants on this episode then you should check out his website thesageadviceofmatt.tumblr.com and listen to his podcast Sound Advice. 

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The music in this episode is a song called Brian Eno by MGMT. Enjoy.

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