This week, Jeremy and I are bringing the sexy back! It was just the two of us this week and we decide to take on the the most popular topic in the industry right now. No, not Draw Something! We talk about Mass Effect 3 in depth, but don't worry, we talk about more than just the ending. We promise.

Did the ending satisfy us? Do the weapon upgrades add to the experience? Did the story live up to expectations? Did we get it on with Liara? Did the massive number of Mass Effect blogs ruin our opinion of the game? How different were our playthroughs? These questions and more answered on this week's episode!

This week's Indie & Mojo Show Shout-outs Shout-outs shout-outs

Everyone who wrote about Mass Effect 3! Just kidding

The Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire Recap (Spoilers) by Mr. Charmander

Smashed: A Retrospective by YepImAPersonWaving

This week's music was by the amazing band LCD Soundsystem. The song is called North American Scum. They just recently broke up so yeah, that sucks but lead man James Murphy is always making amazing new music. Check out their website for more about the band.

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