We're back!!!! We're back!!!! Praise the maker we're back!!!! We went on a slight hiatus but we are finally back with an episode that we recorded way back before we vanished with none other than Jack the Quixotic Gamer fresh off his new found fame on the front page of Game Informer. 

This week we talk about my new cell phone. The fancy Xperia Play best used for NOT playing crappy Gameloft ripoffs. Crash Bandicoot and Madden are great however! If you think you're too cool for the Playstation phone (posers) maybe you'd be interested in hearing Jeremy's impressions on the super cool Vita. Then I get to talk about Skylanders!!!! Yep, Skylanders! I like Skylanders! I'm a child...Jack and Jeremy talk about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Now it's time for the

Indie & Mojo Show Shout-outs Shout-outs shout-outs

Cody Gilley's video reviews and features

The Intimidation Factor by Hist (not that he needs our help getting views for that one)

GIA Achievements: First Impressions by Orochi Assassin LEVON

This week's music is by The Refreshments. I had never heard of them before. Thanks Jeremy!

Those of you interested in knowing, here is a taste of the official Indie & Mojo t-shirts that finally arrived at my house today! We may be giving some of these away as prizes in contests so hopefully you guys like em! 

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You stay classy Game Informer! 

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