Happy Super Bowl day everyone! The Indie & Mojo Show is here to give you something to do while you're not watching the commercials...who actually watches the game? 

This week we welcome Noobtubin8er to the Indie & Mojo studios to chat about used games and other dead horses that need beating. We chat about Kingdoms of Amalur, online passes, our anticipated games from this year including...Dragon's Dogma!?!?!?! Yeah...Jeremy thinks it looks good. I don't. And Noob...he just wants the Resident Evil 6 demo. 

Thank you to Noob for giving us a professional, knowledgeable economically informed opinion on the used games debate. Keep an ear out for our various advertisements and endorsements. We're selling out in a big way people! We even have new business cards...no really. Business cards.

Now it's time for this week's:

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Community Question of the Month by JC

I got to tour GI for my birthday today by firedude3663

It's NOT The End Of The World by Chris Mrkvicka

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Shameless plug warning! Check out my latest feature for The Game Effect about Sheriff Warbuff and his experience as a Video Game Tester. 

This week's music is by an awesome band from way back in the 80's called The Replacements. The song is called Waitress in the Sky. It's hilarious and awesome. 

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