"Hey Kyle um...remember that time that you were on Replay?"


"That was awesome!"

Hey um Kyle...remember that time when you were on The Indie & Mojo Show?"

"Well, yeah."

"Um...that was awesome."


On this week's episode we welcome Game Informer Editor Kyle Hilliard to chat about games, movies, the Game Informer vault and the meaning of life. Ok, well most of those things at least. Kyle was gracious enough to come on and chat with us while we both stumbled over our words and stuttered through jumbles of words that would eventually form somewhat coherent sentences. We weren't nervous at all, honest. 

We focus largely on the community, whether it be shouting out Jack the Quixotic Gamer as someone GI should hire as an intern, talking about Kyle's admiration for the community members, shouting out TOGNick as my fellow The Game Effect writer (there's an extra surprise in that conversation) or just mentioning our typical shout-outs for the week. Speaking of which:

The Indie & Mojo Show Shout-outs! shout-outs shout-outs 

I'm A Social Gamer And Proud Of It by Valerie Figueroa

PR and Stranger's Clone Wars by PRJumpman124 and 2D (Stranger)

And Kyle wanted to shout out his wife, Ashley who is a Math professor and has a Youtube channel AGodBoldMath where she gives tips on various math problems. You can also go to Fiverr.com to pay her five bucks to help you with a math problem. She's a cool lady, being a Zelda fan and all. So go support her, or Kyle will come after you. 

Also, as the Indie & Mojo Show doesn't endorse trading in and buying used games, we think an awesome alternative is Saint's concept of Playing it Forward. Send your friends a game they can't afford to help them play games without having to buy used.

For all those who gave us iTunes reviews, thank you so much. Our contest winner from last week is Jakx150!!! Congratulations on winning the signed copy of Drake's Journal by Nolan North. We were so caught up having Kyle on the show that we completely forgot to announce the contest on the show. Oops.

Seriously it was awesome having Kyle on the show. Thanks again Kyle for taking time to come on the show and talk with us. It was a pleasure. We still have some more exciting guests planned for the future so stay tuned to see what happens next on The Indie & Mojo Show! 

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You stay classy Game Informer

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