"Hey Daniel-san, our guest cancelled!"

"What? No! What are we gonna do? Does this mean I actually have to talk to you this week?"

"Well yeah, unfortunately if you want to have a show this week. Why don't you go to Twitter and ask our listeners what they want us to talk about."

"You're not the boss of me!....Ok I'll go ask em."

Worth 300 big ones? I think not!

You all asked for it and we delivered. When we went to Tweet box to take requests about what we would talk about on this week's show, you all asked us to talk about Resident Evil 6 and boy did we! You asked us to talk about Mojo's duties as a gaming father and he delivered. You asked us to talk about my personal blog from this week....and I didn't want to. Sowwy! We will discuss that at some point, I'm just not personally ready to discuss that topic on the show yet since I will only end up delving into my personal life at least a little bit and I didn't want to do that this week. Some time soon.

You all wanted me to tell an embarrassing story this week and...well I told two stories, but they're not at all embarrassing. One is the recounting of the single most bad-ass moment of my life and the other is a genuinely sad tale inspired by one of my community shout-outs from this week. Speaking of shout-outs!

The Indie & Mojo Show Community Shout-outs shout-outs shout-outs

Why the iPad is the Most Important  Device in my Life by The Ben

SOPA Summary series by Noobtubin8er

Putting Words into Motion-Video Reviews by Craigaleg

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This week's music is performed by Against Me! and the song is called Thrash Unreal. Check out their website here.

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You stay classy Game Informer!

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As usual lately, I have to warn everyone about the explicity of this week's episode. You''ve been warned.