Happy New Year! It's 2012 and Jeremy and Daniel are rearing to go! There was no shortage of things for us to talk about this week as both of us came back from break with some grievances to air. We've got some real problems with you people! That's a Seinfeld reference, we don't really have any problems with you people. Really. I swear.  

This week we take on the controversy over everyone's least favorite bath lotion SOPA. We talk about our holiday gaming, and how Jeremy is very lonely. Stick around after the show to hear about Jeremy's lengthy and rediculous interactions with EA and Bioware customer support for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Beware, this is our first explicit show. We just swore so often it wasn't worth bleeping all of them out.

Our contest winner for last week's giveaway of the Forza 4 codes was Cru Hunter (hopefully you own the game). I will be sending you the codes in a message ASAP. We don't have a contest this week, but we may be doing some in the future so stay tuned.

Around the 9 minute mark, we skip over a story that Jeremy told about his horrific Ocean Marketing-eque interactions with the protocol droids over at Bioware's customer service. It's a very long story so you can skip it if you want but I recommend listening. It's hilarious. That story was moved to the end of the show after the song for those who want to stick around to hear that. As for that other story everyone's been waiting to hear fro mojo, he'll tell that one next week.


Does anyone else think the Stop Sopa guy looks just like the Jump to Conclusions Mat guy from Office Space? What the hell's wrong with you people?!?!

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There's a whole bunch more. Jeremy went crazy with the shoutouts this week. Listen to show to hear them all.

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