Fresh off of gobble gobble turkey day break, Jeremy and I return to cast pod with a fresh, invigorated approach. We have a new signature intro, and instead of having a guest this week Jeremy and I wanted to just regroup and focus on having some interesting, funny, entertaining and sometimes confusing conversation.

We discuss what we gamed over the Thanksgiving break, which was basically monopolized by a game that rhymes with pie limb. Yes, I just said pie limb. I know... I'm not funny.

Other topics discussed on this week's show:

My deal steals on Black Friday

Jeremy's GIO celebrity status


Playing games with my pop

Bethesda's history...they made Skyrim


Getting married in Skyrim

Batman and how it's not as good as Skyrim

Our top five games of the year (hint, my number one rhymes with pie limb)

How the VGA's suck


How to get noticed in the blogging community, tips for new bloggers


As usual we cover our community shoutouts and make mention of the shoutouts from our lost episode 14 with Shootist2600. Check out the blog for that episode here.

Our shoutouts this week include:

The Sad Side of Gaming by slymd83

To H.E. double hockey sticks and back again. A grouchy old dude report. By redlitez76

This week and all future episodes will not feature music anymore, but hopefully you all enjoy the new intro for the show, I think it features some of the funny quips from the first few months of the show.

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Anyway, you stay classy Game Informer

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Note: At the time I am posting this blog it is very late in the early morning (if that makes sense) and the show hasn't uploaded yet, so you may go to the show pages and not see it immediately but it will be there shortly if that is the case.