This week we present part two of our podcast with Eyros2k, one of the most highly respected individuals on Game Informer Online. We drill Mr. 2k about cats, Diablo, MMO's and what he's drinking. We realize that everyone is mostly interested in Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3 right now but you'll have to wait to hear our thoughts on those games in future episodes. For now enjoy our interview of Eyros2k.

We eschew any shoutouts this week as we focus primarily on Eyros and just chatting with him about several topics. We don't normally do this with our guests but after recording with him we ended up with over 3 hours of data so we decided to split the episode in two. Hopefully you guys enjoy this. Let us know and we might do more like it in the future.

The music for this episode is by The White Stripes. We are also keeping an ear out for a theme song that wouldn't be licensed music that we can use on every episode. I enjoy sharing my musical tastes with everyone but if we are ever to parlay the podcast into business then using that music wouldn't be what one would call "strictly legal". So we are certainly open to suggestions.

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