Are there any games that are unanimously loved throughout the industry that you just don't like? On this week's episode Jeremy and Daniel discuss our controversial opinions of two games that are generally viewed as masterpieces of the art form. Find out what game I "despise", and no it isn't Fallout 3.

Oh yeah, we also talk a lot about Arkham City. Listen to the show to hear my very first impressions of the latest title in the caped crusaders epic franchise. Spoiler: it's awesome! Of course, Jeremy gives us the wrap up of the Extra Life marathon this past weekend. Another spoiler: it was a huge success!

This episode is full of sass, and for the first time, I needed to break out the censor button, because Jeremy clearly needed to get out some frustration, and man, that guy swears like a sailor! (Saint, do sailors really swear a lot or is that just a gross generalization?) Seriously, this is our raunchiest episode yet, for better or worse.

All in all, we talk a lot about video games again on this episode. Imagine that; talking about video games on a video game podcast. What a novel idea. We have a lot of guest hosts lined up for future episodes so stay tuned to future episodes to hear some of our awesome guests.

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I have been coming down with a serious case of Batman fever but I recovered just in time to tape this episode with Mojo. Next week we should have a new guest host on, but we're gonna keep that one a secret for now.

The music for this episode was performed by a band most people will actually know (as opposed to the more obscure stuff I usually play). If you haven't heard of them, they're a fabulous foursome from Britain called the Beatles. They had some success back in the 60's. You might recognize the songs.

Anyway, hopefully you guys enjoy the show.

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The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 10

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