Are you a jaded gamer? This question comes up in this week's episode of The Indie & Mojo Show. I express my views that despite really enjoying Gears of War 3, after playing Uncharted and seeing how well that series develops characters, I have become jaded to the monsters and aliens of games such as Gears. Even though we had vowed to each other to never debate the "are games art?" debate on the show, it seems to have snuck its way into our conversation this week.

We also discuss Jeremy's experience with Dead Island, fleshlights (seriously), zombie porn and of course, I go on another rant. Long story short, I sound like a really cranky old man in this episode. We even do a quick "butters my biscuits" when I decide that I need a slight pick-me-up and we discuss the amazing community support of the Extra-Life Marathon on October 15th.

We didn't do any specific community spotlights this week because we're both jaded...err I mean because we just wanted to discuss some of the cool events going on in the community, such as Mr. Eyros2k marrying Mrs. Eyros2k, and the Bro-trippers road trippin' with their favorite allies. (Red Hot Chili Peppers anyone?)

This week's music is performed by Radiohead who are pretty much the greatest thing to happen to music since the guitar was invented. Ok maybe that's a bit hyperbolic but they're my favorite band and they are very talented. Check out their website for more information.

Last week, we didn't have too many listens so we want to know if you guys have any comments/ complaints/ advice/ suggestions for what you want to hear on the show. Want us to get more interesting guests? Want us to talk about a certain topic? Want us to play a certain band for the music? Let us know because we want to provide the best listening experience for your ears that a bunch of amateur podcasters could possibly provide. Also, I you like the show, spread the word. Tweet it, share it, tell your parents about it, whatever.

Anyway, thanks for listening. You guys are awesome. Cheers to you.

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The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 7

You stay classy Game Informer!

Here is the clip from Saving Private Ryan that we discuss in this episode. Beware, the clip contains harsh language.