Hey everyone! We're back for another week. We have passed the one month mark. It's nowhere near as impressive as Robot in the Corner hitting the one year mark, but we're having fun so we'll probably keep going.

This week we had a lot of fun with our guest Elisha Muir. He added a little bit of humor to the show as we discuss difficulty in games, Dead Island, Resistance 3, Dan Rykert's review of Resistance 3 and the fan reaction to it.

We also got a little silly playing with emoticons on Skype. I switched mics for this episode which made me sound much clearer except for every once in a while when I sound like a robot clearing its throat. Sorry 'bout that.

For those who have missed me (are there any of you?), I talk about my new writing gig for GamerGaia.com and explain why I have been so quiet on GIO lately. If you want to check out my latest work, peruse the list below for links to the articles.

Think Digital Distribution Won't Happen To You? Think Again

Used Sales Reportedly Cost Heavy Rain Developer Millions

Is the Thumb Stick Add-on A Good Idea? + Price, Date and Games

This week's community spotlights include:

Surviving the Dead Island of Banoi: A Photo Essay by Shootist2600

An Outsider's Perspective on My Little Pony by Apozem

I am Who I am Because Of Games by Matt-boy

The music for this episode was performed by Yeasayer. Check out their myspace for more info on this awesome band.

Click the link below to listen to the show.

The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 5

Thanks for listening and we'll see ya next week!