I have three passions in life: gaming, women, and music. This is a blog where I will talk about the music I am enjoying at the moment. (And no I'm not going to blog about the women I'm enjoying at the moment since there is only one, and she reads my blogs) For the first post in this series I will talk about music that appeals to my gamer side for one reason or another.

Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 1 & 2

This song is about an Asian girl named Yoshimi who has to fight evil Pink Robots. No one but the singer believes that she will be able to defeat them. It is such an awesome song and my words won't do it justice.  The second song is mostly instrumental and it may anger your girlfriend/ neighbors/ mom, but I still love it. It paints a picture in my head of this epic battle between this girl and these opressive robots. Does she win? Listen and find out.

Neutral Milk Hotel: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

This band was recently name dropped on an episode of Parks and Rec, and they deserve more recognition even though they haven't put out any music since 1998. This song somehow reminds me of Bioshock every time I listen to it, even though it is about the holocaust and this video is rather sad. I think someone should create a video montage of Bioshock with this song playing in the background. I would do it if I knew how to.

Titus Andronicus: A More Perfect Union

Titus Andronicus is a New Jersey band with a penchant for writing songs about the Civil War. This song is kind of a mix of present day themes with classic ideals. It reminds me of how I would love to play a great game based in the Civil War era some day. I'm looking at you Rockstar!

Radiohead: Bodysnatchers

Radiohead is my favorite band. They have a catalog full of songs that sound like they belong in a video game, from Paranoid Android to Idioteque to this one which reminds me of Left 4 Dead. It seems to be from the perspective of a man who has lost control of his body and his actions and can't escape the hellish monster he has become. It's obviously a metaphor for something but it works as a straight zombie story too.

Janelle Monae: Tightrope

This girl is in the process of blowing up the R&B scene right now, making friends and fans out of Big Boi, B.O.B. and Jay Z. Her entire Archandroid album is an epic concept album with Sci-Fi overtures and a Blade Runner texture running throughout. The video for this song is a little different. It sets a scene with patients at a mental hospital who are forbidden to dance due to the belief that dancing conjures up magical powers. It all goes crazy when Monae swoops in and riles them all up. It's just awesome. I don't know how much this song relates to video games but the album really gets my geek blood moving. Note: Sorry that it isn't embedded, but it's definitely worth opening another window to watch it on Youtube.

If you have any songs that remind you of video games for one reason or another, please share. I am always open to hearing new music. Thanks and rock on!