I was happily enjoying my morning orange juice and browsing Facebook before heading out to work this morning when I happened to see the following video a friend had posted.

The following is a play-by-play of my thoughts on this fine piece of journalistic newsiness by the good people over at Fox.

"Well the green police, tryin' to reach your kids at home on the video game systems in the SimCity Society games..."

These are literally the opening words to the video.  "Oh no!"  I thought to myself.  "Somebody turned the police green!" But what was this SimCity Society game they were talking about?  Surely it's a new release of some kind, sponsored by some sort of liberal group or else why would Fox News be talking about it? And why are they showing screen shots of flowers blowing around and gun shots?

Well it turns out it's not new.  It was made in 2007 by Tilted Mill Entertainment who took over the SimCity license from Maxis who were putting all their resources into Spore at the time.  They're your average run-of-the mill indie company, running about 20 people and trying to make whatever game they can to scrape a couple of bucks together.  And those pictures playing in the background?  The flowers are from the 2009 video game "Flower" an artsy game in which you literally do nothing but float flower petals in a breeze.  The gun shooting is from Call of Duty 4 which came out in 2007.  What do these games have to do with SimCity Society and why does Fox News care so much?  If only there was some sort of expert to help clear this news story up...

"Joining us now is radio host and parent T.J. McCormick"

Phew!  They finally have a qualified....wait, wait a second Radio Host?  PARENT????  What kind of qualifications are these?  Since when did being a parent qualify you to appear as a contributor on the news?  For that matter how does being a radio host instantly give you the audacity to go on national TV and act like you're an expert on video games?

"Anytime you see a social cause that someone is profiting off of right away credibility to me is in question"

I guess that this kind of makes sense if you're talking about a non-profit social organization.  Wait what were we talking about again?  Oh that's right we were talking about a VIDEO GAME made by a COMPANY.  The developer clearly wasn't trying to change the world, they were probably just trying to scrape enough money together on a known property to make the kind of game they really wanted to make.  Which they did int heir follow up games Hinterland, a fantasy RPG and Mosby's Confederacy, a turn based startegy game, neither of which had anything to do with environmentalism.  Actually now that I think about it have they mentioned what their problem with SimCity Societies was?

"Players choose alternative energy options like wind and solar and stuff and soy farms and stuff instead of nuclear power."

Ok.  I learned not choose nuclear power plants back when I played the original Sim City and all my nuclear power plants attracted Godzilla to my city and it got destroyed.  Kids these days are lucky they don't have to worry about attracting Godzilla in their Sim City games.  Is this really a problem?  What else ya got Fox News?

"There's one out there where you're in charge of the "World Environmental Organization" it's called Fate of the World so here Timmy you're 5 play Fate of the World and put the whole world on your shoulders"

Wait, wait, wait.  There's a game out there where you literally get to guide the fate of the entire world and I don't know about it?  And it's on Steam for less than $10?  You just got yourself another sale Steam.  Maybe I should buy another copy so I can sell it for a rare hat in Team Fortress 2.  I wonder what's so horrible about this game.

"At the end of the day parents don't really know what's inside these video games"

I guess that's true for some parents but what's wrong with Fate of the World again?

"I go back to the fear there's one here called McDonalds The Game"

OK, I'm pretty sure you guys are just making up video games now.  There's no way this is a real game.  But I'll give this a shot.  What's so horrible about McDonalds The Game.  Does it prohibit you from building nuclear power plants to cook your burgers?

"It tells the kids there's a lot more you have to think about behind your hamburger.  There's deforestation and slaughter.  Slaughter is right there on the front page of the game.

Yep.  Called it.  Not a game.  Games don't have pages.  Any last words Fox?

It's also boring.  These are not games. 

You're right, just hearing about these video games is making me bored.  I'm going to play some Mass Effect before I head in to work.