In my opinion, the Miiverse is a wonderful online my community. I think it is better than Xbox Live despite its numerous shortcomings in terms of functionality. The entire environment has a feel good aura that should be the setting of every online gaming community with none of the fees, ads, and screeching idiots that make me not even want to use services that are widely deemed superior.

The Miiverse did have a little bit of a rough start, which included a user literally "accidentally hacking" into a restricted part of the Miiverse forums, one day after the WiiU launched. 

Nintendo: Miiverse Debug A 'Mock Up'

Nintendo quickly fixed the problem but not before some pretty interesting screenshots of this restricted area showed up all over the web. What this shows are hidden Miiverse forums for different games that had not been announced for WiiU or 3DS. Nintendo labeled these as "mock ups" but when you match up this screen shot with what has actually been released or announced for the WiiU or 3DS since this leak, you get this.

"Super Mario WiiU" - Could be New Super Mario Bros Wii, but that already had it's own forum at the time of this leak so it could be the untitled 3D Super Mario game announced in the last Nintendo direct.

"Zombie" - Seems like this has to be ZombiU and it is the only hole in this theory. ZombiU already had a Miiverse forum at the time of this leak so this would be redundant unless it is referring a different, future Zombie game. Not likely, so this kind of backs up Nintendo's claim these were merely mock up forums, except.......

"Yoshi's Land WiiU" - In the last Nintendo Direct which took place a few months after this leak, Iwata announced and showed screen shots of a new, untitled Yoshi game designed in the same vein as Kirby's Epic Yarn. At this point it feels like Nintendo has used it future plans to test out the Miiverse, or it could be a coincidence, except.....

"Flipnote Studio" -  This popular DS application wasn't announced for 3DS at the time of this leak but it has been recently announced for Japan and a Western release is all but guaranteed. You could be saying that this was a no brainer release for 3DS and this coincidence doesn't prove anything but what about....

"Donkey Kong" - DK Country Returns 3DS was announced many months after the Miiverse leak. You could be saying "hey this is the WiiU isn't it? But these are 3DS games." Well Nintendo has said repeatedly that Nintendo Network and the Miiverse will spread to 3DS this year, probably by the end of Q2.

"Wii Fit" - Wii Fit U, duh. Announced at the WiiU reveal. Will be released by end of Q2. Didn't have a Miiverse forum at the time of this leak but obviously will of the future, and there it is in its testing stage.

"Soul Hackers" - Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Soul Hackers was already released in Japan at the time of this leak, but that doesn't matter is because this leak was in the North American Miiverse which is entirely separate from the Japanese Miiverse and the NA release of Soul Hackers wasn't announced at the time of the leak.

"Resident Evil" - The console port of Resident Evil Revelations had not been announced at the time of the hack, but it has been since with WiiU included. Thank god it wasn't Resident Evil 6.

"Dragon Quest 10" - Square Enix's MMOJRPG was only announced for a Japanese release and nothing about that has changed for now. For those looking at its inclusion in the leak image as a sign of a Western release, well there is hope for that. Amazon France has recently listed the game for an EU release. While they may be jumping the gun, they have been right before. Amazon France listed Splinter Cell: Black List for the WiiU way before its official announcement as a WiiU game and way before any other retailer.

That leaves...

"Metroid" - The chances of another Metroid game coming to WiiU are 100%, the only question is when and who will make it. Retro Studios of Metroid Prime fame have been rumored to be working on a WiiU game since before the WiiU was called the WiiU. Metroid being apart of this leaked screenshot is hardly surprising but the timing is telling. Other M was a disappointing Metroid game compared Retro Studios stellar efforts so their involvement would be the right move for Nintendo. If we don't hear an E3 announcement for the Metroid series at this years E3, I will be really surprised.

"Metal Gear Solid" - Konami's support for the WiiU at this point has been non-existent and they have yet to announce a single game for the system. That said, as of right now, Konami is only releasing 3 console games this year. Pro Evo Soccer 2014 is likely to come to WiiU and Metal Gear Rising was too far into an extended development cycle when Nintendo was starting to make dev kits available. Only Castlevania Lords of the Shadow 2 is officially excluding WiiU for now and Mercury Steam already said they didn't get dev kits fast enough nor the budget to include WiiU. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes/V has only been announced for PS3 and 360 at this point but other multiplatform games had delayed announcements of their respective WiiU's version and Kojima would have received dev kits in ample time. More importantly Metal Gear Solid V is likely to have a very large budget giving Konami good cause to get it on as many systems as possible. Let's hope this leak stays true to form.

"Final Fantasy 3" - This could be one of three things: Final Fantasy III remake for 3DS, Final Fantasy III for WiiU virtual console, or hopefully, or Lighting Returns: Final FantasyXIII (which is actually 13-3), which is the only announced game of the three. There hasn't been a Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo console since the Super Nintendo, but Square Enix has been hurting lately, suffering multi-million dollar losses, so they will want to get their games on as many systems as possible. Square Enix is already publishing an upgraded port of Deus Ex Human Revolution to the WiiU, as well as Dragon Quest X, so they clearly want to support the system, but remains to be seen if they are committed to bringing their latest and greatest AAA games to the WiiU.


While it is no means certain proof, I have to say that this leaked image of Nintendo's hidden Miiverse has been a far better prognosticator of Nintendo's future than many of the self proclaimed industry experts. I just hope it stays accurate for those last 3.