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The Legend of Zelda games have been pretty straightforward when it comes to design. A lot of elements in the series have been staples for decades. But what if someone were to flip the script a bit? What if someone broke the barriers and removed some but not all the series staples? Here's what I would wish would happen if someone thought things needed to be mixed up:


New Characters Would Be Nice

Not just any characters (no more Tingles), characters that have interesting backstories, that are a bit more realistic, and are a great model for whatever their archetype  is, whether it be companion, ***, or bystander. Maybe some nice voice acting, too...


Maybe Make It Downloadable

I know what you're thinking,"WHAT? DOWNLOADABLE? ARE YOU NUTS?" but riddle me this, how bad could it possibly be? Legend of Zelda has graced the portable screen before, so why not make it fun sized for consoles? Make the size and story of the game relative to the games short length. Have it be a kind of a pre-set to a larger game, I don't care. Actually I do. It has to be good.


Top Down and HD, Baby

My favorite game of all time is A Link to the Past, and I liked the top-down aspect. It gave me a kind of suspense of what would lie around the corner. I also like my games to be shiny and pretty, that's not to say the new Zelda games aren't, but I've seen the HD light, and I can't say I'd be thrilled to go back. Have the top down aspect in a downloadable title and then you got yourself a ball rolling there. And just imagine Hyrule in a magnificent 1080p. A nerd can dream...