Poke’mon Heartgold and Soulsilver have been out for a while now.  It has also been a great success for Nintendo.  It was a great remake of one of my favorite Poke’mon games.  I guess a whole lot of people agree with me because Poke’mon has officially taken over my school.

            Everybody (or at least most everybody) has one of those games now.  It all started when the game first came out.  It was slow in the beginning but then it caught on and soon lots of people were playing the game.  The most popular place to play is the library.  I walk in and I see seniors battling it out with each other at one table and a band of juniors at another table doing some trades.  The one day I walked in it seemed like most people had their DS’s out and were playing that game.

            Other places people at my school play this game is at lunch and even during classes, yes classes.  I walked into my Biology class one day and there were a couple kids (sitting in the back of the class of course) playing some Heartgold and Soulsilver.  It is one of the most common things to see now.

            But, it is not only those two games.  I also saw people playing some of the older Poke’mon games on their Gameboy Colors and Advances and I even saw that other people were playing some of the more recent ones like Poke’mon Platinum and Diamond and Pearl.  Some kids have also hacked their Ipod Touches and put a Gameboy emulator on their Ipod. And now I bet you know what they downloaded…Poke’mon of course.

            This has been the craziest thing happening at our school right now.  I am also afraid that this new hobby is not going to slow down either now that there are new Poke’mon games coming out.  Everybody is going to have to get a copy of those games too.  Is this sort of thing happening at anybody else’s school or is my school just really weird?