10) Generic RPG Rat 

Story: Rats in FF 12, in the VERY FREAKING BEGINNING, when your in the sewers with van and you have to kill 3 of them. Well, I didnt realize steals were limited to 1 per rat in this game, so I kept stealing, and before I knew it, I had been killed by the rats in the very freaking beginning. 

Now this sucked for many reasons. The last save point was before Spoiler alert, you switched from his brother, so you had to go through the entire cut scene all over again 

9) Pidgey 

Story: Pidgey looks way more terrifying in that picture than he does in the games. Pidgey, along with Rattata are suppose to be the enemies you beat up on. Picture it, 1996, I had just purchased Pokemon Red. I had been grinding in the grass for hours. Not paying attention to how much health I had. I just kept pouding Tackle ( You should be able to guess which mon I had. And without knowing it, this, this beast level 5 pidgey had killed me, and I warped to the pokemon center, where I told nurse joy my shame. I had been killed by a pidgey. 

8) Chu Chu 

Story: A slime ball. A freakin slime ball. I died in majoras mask from one of these guys. I was cruising around termina overworld for like 5 hours as goron link, it was so much damn fun........I was on a 3 heart challenge. And literally as soon as the magic meter went out, so I wasnt invincible anymore, I ran right smack into a chu and died. Now you might be saying, there is so much health in the grass, how at 3 hearts could you have died? Well, I was doing it so much THERE WAS NO MORE GRASS LEFT.............And 2 hearts were accidentally removed when I went rolling in some water in a little puddle area. It was terrible 

7) Toadman 

Story: The legendary easiest robot master. First appearence? Megaman 4. All he does IS FREAKIN JUMP AROUND LIKE A TOAD. And somehow maybe I wasnt paying attention but I couldnt get the pattern right, and I kept landing under him. And I died. Stupid nes difficulty ( Whistles) 

6) WaddleDee 


Story: Look at that jerk. So smug, Are those his arms or ears? He has no mouth. Yet somehow he got me to jump into a pit. He was walking towards the pit from the other side, I was jumping over it, Somehow I hit the corner of him. Took fallback damage and went right into the pit. Sort of sucked. 

5) Crab 


Story - You ever try fighting these suckers in the very beginning in oblivion? if the difficulty is turned up to max and your low on health? I wouldn't recommend it. I was foolish enough to dare fight the mightiest mud crab. I had escaped from the prison, fought my way to the surface, only to meet my doom by lunch. 

4) Snake 


Story: You know the drill. Fight through a horde of zombies with nary a scratch, open a crate and have a snake bite you draining the last of your health. On hard mode, this happened to me. And the sad part was I hadnt saved, and it sent me too far back.......... 

3) Slime 


Story: How can something so cute, with no limbs kill you? Genetics. Pure Genetics. He most of been tired of being killed all the time, so he went through the weapon X program to become adamantium infused. Wait? you killed the metal slimes too? Damn, there is actually a leader slime called king slime. Yeah thats the one I died too. A big fat silly looking slime. He has freaking super heal spells, hits like a truck, and still has that stupid slime body. 

2) Goomba 

Story: Yes you did. Admit it. On level 1 of the original super mario bros, he caught you off guard under the first block grouping didn't he? DIDN'T HE? Admit it, he owned your behind. Goombas are mushrooms with 2 stump legs. Sometimes they have spikes on there heads. Sometimes they have wings. Other times they had skin conditions, and other times, they were your party members. NEVER MATTER. They are vicious head bonking fiends. 

1) Medusa Head 


Story: A floating head...............Tell me if you didnt have this happen to you while playing SOTN on the psx. Your standing on a rotating mechanical cog. You can see the door to the next passage. You can taste it, You can smell it. Your jumping like a fiend not to fall down. You make that fatefull leap...............AND BAM, golden medusa head to the face, your stone now, you fall all the way down to the beginning of the platforming section, your button mashing like a mad man to get rid of it. And the sad part is? By the time you face them you have 10x the health, and 1 sword swing will destroy them. But they get you time and time again. 

There you have it........tell me in the comments, are there any embarrassing deaths you'd like to get off your conscience? 

Thanks For Reading,