It's been confirmed that former Infinity Ward developers Jason West and Vince Zampella will be working on a brand new IP at their new studio under EA Partners (Link). They will not be working on the Medal of Honor or Battlefield franchises as was previously rumored. So, the question in my mind is: What will they be working on for their debut game? My opinion may shock you, but it makes sense when you take a look at it.

I think they'll work on a third person shooter.

There aren't that many good TRUE (as in, no RPG elements like Mass Effect or Fallout) third person shooters out there. The Uncharted and Gears of War franchises lead the market. EA tried to break in with the Army of Two IP, but after the spectacular failure critically and somewhat commercially of the 40th Day, I doubt any more titles will be made of that franchise. So, there's a void in EA's portfolio that Respawn Entertainment can fill. West and Zampella are obviously experienced with shooters, and they got a bit of practice with the third person perspective with MW2's multiplayer. Also, West and Zampella are being labeled by many as "the guys who can only do war-based FPS". For one, third person shooters have widely varying environments, going beyond the either WW2/Middle East war settings or space/far future settings (main offender-Halo) that proliferate the FPS genre currently. Uncharted is set in different environments all over Earth, while Gears takes place in a future war on the planet of Sera. By doing a non war environment, Respawn can show the gaming world that they're capable of concocting a different setting. The mechanics of a third person shooter are also different enough from those of an FPS to make the gaming community admit that "Ok, these guys aren't only FPS junkies, they can do something beyond what they've always done". Maybe, doing this shooter will lead Respawn to do an open world sandbox a la Just Cause 2.

So, it makes sense commercially (EA needs a real third person shooter) and professionally (West+Zampella will be able to break out of the mold they've been cast in). Obviously, Respawn isn't going to do a puzzle game or an RPG. But a third person shooter is a perfectly reasonable expectation. Whatever Respawn's first project is, I'm extremely looking forward to it.