My brothers recently fixed the PS2 (the one good thing they've done in their lives), so I've had a chance to play Battlefront II for the first time in years. I have a backwards compatible PS3, but let's face it, last gen graphics don't look so hot on a 65 inch HDTV. Of course, the cynic in me, while playing the game, kept thinking of improvements I'd make for Battlefront III (if it ever comes out). Besides the obvious graphics and sound updates, there's quite a few. In order of what I would like the most:

1) A decent campaign

Battlefront 2's campaign was meh, same as every other Battlefront games. You're in the boots of a trooper that somehow survives every major battle in the Star Wars universe from Episodes II-V. The campaign wasn't all bad though. I had a few favorite levels, among them being the Expanded Universe levels. They felt more like excuses to use up the list of maps, but I appreciated the effort. So, how about a variety of campaigns based on both canon and non canon story, as well as Expanded Universe? After playing through the Tatooine level in SW: TFU Ultimate Sith Edition, I realized that it could be an awesome level in Battlefront. You play as a standard Empire soldier for 80% of the level, but then you would get to play as Starkiller to take on Boba Fett and Obi-Wan. Starkiller wouldn't have all of his powers that he has in Force Unleashed (more on this later in the list), but he would have enough to have some fun with him and to (of course) beat Fett and Kenobi. Get creative. Make more levels with Starkiller, or go into the uncharted waters after Episode VI (I know there's canon after it, I'm talking about gaming wise uncharted waters). A Thrawn campaign wouldn't be fun? There's so much material to use. 

2) A melee button for infantry

A simple request. Elite Squadron (for PSP) finally added it, so there's no excuse for Battlefront III not to have basic melee. Speaking of Elite Squadron...

3) Combined space and ground maps

If the PSP can do it, so can the 360 and PS3 (and I have no doubt it could be 100 times better). You can start out on ground, and whatever you do affects space, and vice versa. Online, this would be ridiculously fun. Combined Kashyykk, Tatooine, and Corsucant maps? Count me in. 

4) Make heroes more fun

Heroes were interesting the first few times you used them, but after a while, I started declining every time I was offered the choice. One of the main problems was they didn't have a normal health bar (so if you were going for no deaths, it killed that chance, no pun intended). Also, while they had a few powers, the powers weren't anything special. So, here's my ideas. The Force Unleashed control scheme worked great, so stick with that just for heroes. Don't give the heroes a ton of powers and combos, but give them the basics (lightning, grip, push, lightsaber throw, and repulse) and add the Havok, DMM, and Euphoria engines, so that the heroes can use anything. Those engines would also help regular gameplay. Also, stick with a normal health bar! Let healing droids be able to heal! Better yet, go to regenerative health. I can't emphasize this enough how much this ticked me off in Battlefront II. 

5) Make first person mode more than a novelty and add a cover button

Adding 2 improvements in 1 note? So what, I'm lazy. Anyway, in Battlefront II, you had the option to use a 1st person viewpoint. Because you couldn't see your gun, I had a hard time with it. Make a few basic improvements so that the mode can be on par with the Call of Duties of the world and you're in business. The cover button wouldn't be absolutely necessary, I just prefer it in my shooters like Uncharted and Rainbow Six. If regenerative health was added, cover would than be a must. 

6) Stick with the set classes, but add the option to have custom classes

Custom classes work relatively well on the PSP Battlefronts, so keep it. But add a few more custom classes to the ones that Pandemic pioneered. Also, for a decent online mode, custom classes would be a must. Related to this is emphasizing abilities (basically perks). Battlefront II had this somewhat, but the whole system was hard to understand. Make them clearer, and include them with the custom classes. Some good examples would be: a better pistol, more health, more ammo- really the basics. I'm sure there's some unique Star Wars ones that could be done, but my mind is drawing a blank. 

7) 64 player online

If you're going to have integrated maps, you need enough players to fill that space. 64's a good number (32v32), and the game only needs the Conquest mode at launch to be able to have a chance in the online space (but more could be added via DLC). This one's really common sense. 

8) Make minor improvements to what made Battlefront II so successful

More maps, make splitscreen 4 player, save stats for each profile on splitscreen, keep Galactic Conquest- just keep the spirit of Battlefront alive, but change it enough to feel like a fresh experience. 

Rebellion (or whoever is chosen by LucasArts to make Battlefront III), the ball's in your court. Let's get a definitive experience. Anyway, feel free to comment.