Hopefully everyone had themselves an ideal Thanksgiving break, with no shortage of food to eat, family to enjoy, and video-games to play. Perhaps you even got a little of Christmas shopping shopping in on Friday, or caught some of the blu-ray sales at Best Buy on Saturday like myself. Regardless of whatever you found yourself indulged in, I do hope it was enjoyable. Today however, is the first day of the final month of the year (according to the Gregorian calendar), which can only mean one thing: we survived the annual wave of triple-A action titles that started at the tail-end of October and ran all the way through late November (a good run this year, helped in no small part by the new console launches, I am sure), and this leaves us with a wealth of new stories to invest ourselves in, experiences to live through, and friends to stay up all night playing that never-ending "last round" of Call of Duty with.

  And with the influx of so many new games, why not share with the community? What games are you spending the most time in right now? They do not have to be necessarily "new", this is just a time to relax and celebrate whatever we are finding to be fun. Lately, I have grown completely addicted to Battlefield 4's multiplayer mode, especially the hectic 64-player Conquest matches. Very fun stuff. I also am exploring the world of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag on the PS4, and hope to have the game's main story-line beaten by next weekend.

So go ahead - take a little time to share whatever it is you are up to in the world of gaming. And as always, have fun!

  - state_of_shock

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