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Last month’s challenge was scarce to say the least, but we had one entry by Haley Shipley that was actually interesting, check it out. Anyways, I can see why it was so scarce in the entries, seeing that it asked for something too specific, which doesn’t give so much freeroam for the writer. This time I’m going to make it more freeroam than usual and I hope you guys like it.

September’s challenge was about mixing two games together and see what comes up. There were some greats that came of it. One of them being a very good addition of a creative Zelda idea. The one I want is what two genres would mix well. Do you think a platformer would be a good work space for a shooter? Or do you think a Puzzle game would be a great playground for a racing game? I want to see some crazy pieces of work, so don’t be shy to do the impossible. As a challenge, I only have one rule for you guys to follow: please explain to us why it would work. Don’t just tell me that it would work, tell us why it would make a great hit for the players out there. Explain the mechanics, the gameplay it would have, what elements that would make this a good one-timer or have lots of replayability, tell us everything that you think would make this genre mash-up seem interesting. I want to hear your guy’s ideas, so be creative about this one. Good luck on this one, the deadline is the 28th of this month, Happy Thanksgiving and ‘til next time…

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P.S. You may ask questions if you please and don't forget to include the name "Game-Making Challenge" in your blog in some way