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Complex, intriguing and incredibly challenging; indie video games have made a great progress from their relatively simple arcade counterparts in the late nineties. It takes immense effort to conceptualize and finally come up with these games. This accomplishment turns out to be even more impressive when only a few people are involved in the entire process, a process that is under a really stringent budget.

Although there is a popular notion that video games totally mess with your cognitive abilities, this is completely false. Contrarily, these games improve your overall health and play a vital role in sharpening your mind. In case you’re still wondering how these indie video games actually help- here’s all that you need to know about it.

Improves your decision making abilities

Most of these indie games require real-time and extremely fast reaction from your end. At times, you have to make a split second decision that will either grant you a virtual life or lead to your virtual death. According to the neuroscientists from the University of Rochester, these games give players the much needed practice for making the right decisions in the world around them. Most of the indie games are action oriented and they therefore act as a trigger for the entire process of making decisions. Players are compelled to react instantly which also helps them in real life.

Boosts your creativity

Another reason why you should spend some time playing these indie games is simply because they play a vital role in boosting your creative abilities. Most of these games require you to figure out new and creative ways to defeat your opponent. At the same time, as you reach a higher and a relatively difficult level you might also have to create characters or elements that never existed initially. This creativity that you harness while playing the game will pass through the various abilities in your life. You will find newer and better ways of handling real life situations and even turn out to be much more valuable at work. You will enjoy better satisfaction at work which will further boost your mental health.

Boosts your cognitive abilities

All of us know about how exactly we need to keep our brains constantly working, for functioning at the best and the highest level. While many take resort to arcade and memory games, computer games are equally useful in this regard. While playing video games (including casino game strategies that you pick up from those fun mini games that take you off the beaten path in a game), you are required to recognize certain patterns and remember the working mechanism of the missions which boost your cognitive abilities. Your memory too increases and you end up performing memory tasks better.

Improves your focus and attention

These games also play a vital role in improving your overall focus and attention. As the games need you to completely concentrate on reaching a new level, you unknowingly end up focusing on things better. This further helps you in your real life and plays a vital role in improving your overall concentration levels.


So considering the benefits, it is indeed worth a shot to try playing these indie games. They will definitely sharpen your mind and help you to enjoy better creative and cognitive abilities.