The ice is cold where night has lain,

and frozen field's torment the plain.

But in a hope of comfort lost.

The girl who weep's must count the cost.


To throw her self to fate's wild hand's.

To risk her self without a plan.

To go with what she know's is right,

or risk her heart without a fight.


To let her self become what's his.

Sucomb to every gentle kiss.

Let down the wall's she's built so high.

Never question him with why's.


Let him lead her in most way's.

Love, and laugh with him for day's.

Allow her self a breif respite,

and give her heart without a fight.


The ice is thawing as he whisper's.

Lightest word's of how he's missed her.

No longer can she fight against him.

She replies with how she's missed him.


Broken shard's of frozen glass,

release her in his firery grasp.

And so she trust's him for a start,

and pray's he will not break her heart....