This happend about six year's ago, Me and a few friend's used to go to this place called "the dune's". It was just a place to take your dirtbike's or ATV's and cut loose.

My brother had just bought a new yamaha, and along with myself,  Caleb, and a small group of our friend's he was taking it for it's "maiden voyage".  

The fun started before we even got there. Caleb showed up smelling like a keg, barely able to walk. He jump's up on the hood of my brother's jeep, hold's up an almost empty 40 and scream's. "F*** the bike. Tonight, we're getting wasted!! He then fell off and puked more then you would think a human body could hold. After that he crawl'd into the back of the jeep, and passed out. We finished lodeing the trailer's, and took off.

About an hour later Caleb wake's up. And start's talking (or slurring) about how bad he's gotta pee. The dune's were about a two and a half hour trip, so we tell him we'll get off at the next exit with a toilet. "No problem." is all he said. Then we hear this sound. He downed the last of the 40 and was TRYING to pee in the bottle. He was so skunked he would have missed a 5 gallon bucket! My brother start's screaming about his jeep, Caleb start's screaming about it being. "Just a little p***! " And i was really just trying to hold my breakfast down. After about twenty minute's he passes out again.

We finally get to the dune's and get unloded and set up. None of us could get Caleb to move so we left him in the jeep. We came back about three hour's later to eat. I should probably point out that we all had packed individual lunches. Not that it mattered much. He actually ate all 8 of them. The only thing Caleb had to say for himself. "I was hungry." A few people took the other vehicle to the store with order's, and money from everyone, while the rest of us started setting up our tent's. Caleb said he'd rather sleep in the jeep, and can't help because. "his stomache hurt's."

By the time the food arrived we'd already lost the daylight, so we all eat and pretty much were just hanging out around our campsite. Then out of no where's Caleb pull's out 2 cases of budweiser. No one even saw him lode the thing's! He start's showing off how he can down a whole beer with one gulp, and threw up two or three more time's that night. I think two other's had a few apiece. But come sun-up the cases were empty.

We spent the next day rideing, so Caleb didn't get to do that much damage until we got home. As we pull into the drive he yack's all over the backseat. He get's out, and tell's my brother not to touch it. he'll "be over right after the x-game's to clean it up."

Needless to say, that was the last trip that jeep ever took, with us in it.