Hello. StarKiller809 here. I am posting this to tell you that I found a awesome new game trailer of a game called The Secret World. Maybe you have heard or it or maybe you have no idea what I am talking about. However it was totally awesome

When I saw it I had to tell someone about what I had saw so i decided to post to my blog and show you the trailer. It starts off with great graphics and a creepy girl walking down a creepy hallway. I didn't know what to expect but the 1 minute and 16 seconds it very much worth it. So I wanted to show it to you. I hope you like it


If you watched it maybe you liked it. I thought it would be kinda weired until the ending. Whoa. if you want to learn more abou the game you can go to http://www.darkdaysarecoming.com/. It won't be here for a long time but since there are alot of good titles coming out in 2010.

I hope you liked it. I didn't know if it was already a big thing or what. I still don't know anything about it really. I am trying to find all I can. I might find something or not.