It hasn’t been fully confirmed but reports and many different happenings have been coming from the lair of Gamewarden, and there seems to be a new Starfox title peeking over the horizon. Please take the time to read the following.

Credit: DaBrian from Game Warden V3.

What is this?
This project is a fan made game that runs on the FreeSpace_Open engine. It is not for any console system, and we are not affiliated by Nintendo, Argonaut Software, Namco, Q-Games, or anyone else terribly important.

To play it, all you will need is a fairly recent computer system. Exact system requirements aren’t set yet, but they shouldn’t be that bad. It is our hope that you will not need FreeSpace 2 installed to play, the final outcome should be a stand alone game.

So what’s going to be in it?
A great many things…

  • Lots of playable craft, including 3 different Arwings
  • Weapons galore
  • Enemies, both new and old
  • Space and ground based missions
  • A deep storyline
  • Multiplayer
  • And probably more!

When does the story take place?
The story takes place between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures. Yes, there is content from Assault, but there are good reasons for that.

Will we see Andross?
No. Next question.

Is it going to be just like Star Fox?
No. Star Fox is more of an arcade shooter, while Freespace is a simulation shooter. While the SCP allows us to do many awesome things, we won’t be able to get it just like the original games.

Why is SoL a special game among the FS2_open games?
SoL is meant to push the engine to it’s limits, using the most recent features the engine has and will get.
We’re using everything we can to make sure SoL is always one of the most advanced games based on Freespace 2.

When is it coming out?
It will be done when it is done. We’re doing this in our own and for zero money, so that’s the best we can give you.

That being said, we’re trying our best to get a demo done for people to try. When that comes out is another bunch of wonderful question dodging. (We’re working on it.)

Will this run on a Mac or on Linux?
The engine is cross platform, so should run on any major platform.

What is the high-end package?
The high-end pack is meant for users with real high-end machines only. It features extremely high-res textures for some models and might feature some more complex models.
It’s generally stuff, we decided to remove from the main game, as the visual improvements do not justify the performance loss on most PCs.
You need a 512 MB gfx card to use this pack.


Personally I’m going nuts, It’s been over 6 years since a Star Fox title has hit the shelves! Although the game isn’t going to be compatible with the Wii or any other gaming system/console, from what I’ve seen has made up for the loss. Incredible graphics, a supposed deep story, it’s free and I speak for everyone when I say I’m joyful for the return of JUST, air assault! Two Star Fox titles: Star fox Adventures and Assault, ruined the franchise by adding way too much ground assault, which was poorly done and got way too dull and boring.

Hopefully Shadows of Lylat will be what we’re expecting and not anything pretentious. And, there’s the chance that this game will inspire Nintendo/Namco to step up and bring Star Fox back to to where it belongs!