Ahh, the memories, bonding with the N64 I called buddy. Sure point your finger and laugh, but if your not a Nintendo hating freak, then I'm sure you felt a special connection to yours as well! (That is if you owned one?)

But, besides that, I bring great news from the modding community, and it has been quite active improving old game consoles.

The N64Mini, or the portable Nintendo 64 device from modder Zenloc, features the familiar Nintendo 64 controller buttons (minus the D-pad, unfortunately) in a nicely compact package. Users can place their Nintendo 64 cartridges in the back of the device to play some of their favorite games.

According to the device's developer, the N64Mini runs on a 4-cell battery and comes with a charger. It also features a headphone jack and an A/V out port for those who want to play the title on a display that's a little larger. It even comes with built-in brightness controls.

The device was put on ebay.com, but sadly the auction has ended, and the highest bidder placed a whopping $205! Not bad for a N64 maniac! 

(If you're interested in seeing it in action. Go ahead and view the video below.)