So reviews are finally starting to pour in since EA decided to not give any prerelease copies to anyone, and so far I'm not hearing good things. Unfortunately, a lot of what I'm hearing seems to be right on line with my personal thoughts on the game, I'm planning on doing a review of it to get my thoughts on the whole thing out of the way, but so far the game isn't terribly impressive.


My first experience in single player was being put in a highly linear "stealth" mission that ended with explosions and was over in about 5 minutes, complete with cutscenes. Unlike Call of Duty, Medal of Honor forces the player to sit completely still during a major explosions while tilting the camera, as if they don't trust the player to look at the explosion themselves. Then of course the game interjects unnecessary cutscenes with a story I don't care about, trying to humanize the  player characters. But you know, it could get better at some point, and certainly after playing Spec Ops: The Line I'd think my perception of shooters would be much different with the sort of mature narrative that game gave me, but when Medal of Honor is trying to do justice to the real thing, it's obvious they're only saying that while going after the exact same flashy scripted gameplay we've seen all generation. At the very least, the game does look good and the gunplay is serviceable (though the AI is just really bad). So far the story telling is bland and unimaginative, the levels are uninspired and linear, the AI is poor and the scripted set pieces are cliffsnotes versions of other set pieces I've seen. But hey, that's not the point of this game I'd imagine with all the multiplayer hubbub these days, and at least it certainly looks good. 

But ok, with that out of the way I hop into multiplayer. First impressions are better here, I like the array of weapons, attachments and modes as well as the team focus, but unfortunately it took me a while to figure it out because the interface is very confusing. I couldn't even figure out how to exit a match and the game has an incredibly hard to navigate and unfriendly menu system. Once I finally get the online working it's laggy, spawns are the worst I've seen in a long time, the hit detection is messy, and the weapon balancing is off, while I notice there are very few options for player outfitting compared to Battlefield or Call of Duty. I spend more time figuring out the menus and interface then I do playing the game though, and matches end up being remixed versions of other game modes I've seen before, with the teamwork aspect feeling like a compromise between Battlefield's 4 player squads and Call of Duty's lone wolf gameplay, and it doesn't work well, nor does it lend itself nearly as well to mixed numbers like both those games do (have a third buddy but not fourth? Looks like he'll have to play alone). I try looking for some kind of co-op mode or different maps from what I've played, and of course the game lacks even a co-op mode of any sort and only has 8 maps.


So these are my first thoughts, and they aren't great. Since some of my friends love it I figured I would be in the minority, but so far I don't seem to be with reviews coming in. I'll play some more and I'll have more thoughts on it, but yeesh, this game is not great so far, nor do I expect that to change. I really want to like this game, so I'll play on and try to get my money's worth, and hopefully I can have my mind changed.