With the advent of the much simpler social media network Facebook, we organic creatures on two legs ushered in social games. At first thought gamers like myself stood scratching their heads. We looked at the graphics, maybe entered our info to play, and decided it was the silliest thing we had ever encountered. We then deleted our accounts at best, at worst just left them to collect cyber dust, and thought no more about it. Then one fair day right under our noses our friends begun to campaign us as neighbors, friends, hit men even, on various betas such as Farmville and Mafia Wars. Now I hear from my mothers lips that she too has fallen victim to the casual game revolution. She proudly sports her own territory in Mafia Wars for which she is the mob boss. Some may ask what has happened to society, others such as the cyber populous of GI wonder what has happened to video games. I however ask why has this not happened sooner. I may very well be the only person on this site who feels this way. Now, before you shoot me angry beams via the comment box below this blog, hear me out comrades. Understand that this, silly as it may seem, is to our eventual benefit.

Walk with me if you will to the past...once upon a PlayStation, video games were geared toward children, and teens. If you were over the age of 17 playing one there was something not quite right with you. Parents the world over watched through the crack of their son's/daughter's bedroom door wondering if they were going to succeed in life. Do you remember those days? Now, they are playing video games themselves, suddenly it is cool. It is suddenly cool  to be a gamer even. Suddenly gamers get dates and everything, look at that. These goofy games may be ridiculous, however they are bringing in precious dollars to go toward the development of "hardcore" games. Additionally they are bringing awarness to the fact that many demographics can enjoy games, that they are an acceptable form of entertainment just as much as music or movies. That being said, I will furiously admit that they are not for me, however I will support their cause. For it is all a game dictated by the all mighty dollar, and America is buying it. Yes, it is a sign of the times....we are not alone my space cadets.